By Katherine Kiang


January/February, 2019

Hi everyone,

Happy New Year to all!  Hope everyone has started your year on a good note.

I've been busy since end of last year and I started to write this in November, 2018.  I am a couple months behind but felt that I had to go back to this topic on Forgiveness.

In my life, I can only think of two people I had a long grudge against.  I've never expressed to these individuals the pain and grief I felt, but, it effected me for a long time.  We may sprain our ankles or be hit on the head - such physical pain can be very memorable.  But, an emotional or spiritual pain can be just as memorable and difficult to forget.

Whatever your religious beliefs, cultural upbringing, level of education or environment, you will encounter people who will hurt you.  As we grow older, we try to cope and deal with grudges and then, we could face a point where we need to decide whether to forgive or not to forgive - that is the question.

I had a toilet problem in the fall of 2018.  It has been a place of ill repute for years.  One night, nothing was going down.  I called Mr. Rooter Plumbing and they sent plumber Joe.  My toilet was old and I've wanted a new one for awhile, so, he helped pick a new one for me.  He tried to use a snake and there was so much sludge, still nothing went through.  As he and his apprentice worked away, they finally cleared the sludge but there was still an issue with the main drain.  Joe said, hopefully a tree root was not the cause of the problems.  After scoping the pipe, he recommended a power flush.  I've heard of it but had no idea what it could do.  Joe said, the pressure of the water was powerful enough to break through the metal of a car.  On the third day of dealing with the problem, finally, all the old crap was washed away, pushing everything out to the drain under my road and beyond!  Joe said, it probably went as far as he drain under the next street a block away.  I smiled and said, "I hope it doesn't damage someone else's house!"  Joe assured me it would be okay.

My plumbing ordeal describes a lesson on forgiveness in a way.  You could build up a lot of grudges or crap for years in your heart.  You may think it's juts a minor thing.  Then one day, it becomes a crisis.  In an emergency, you need help to deal with this.  I could take days, maybe months or longer.  You could have a grudge against a co-worker, a friend, a relative.  In addition, consider what if someone held a grudge against you?  Would you notice?

Personally, I'd like to cast out all the crap from my mind and spirit, so, it would not show up in my dreams and I would stop feeling awkward if I saw the person I held a grudge against.  If you think grudges are good for you, just think about my story about the crap and sludge analogy in my toilet and pipes.  Don't let it fool you == a small solution will not work anymore.

The Bible mentions the story about the Master *God) who finds out that although He had forgiven his servant, that servant was owed a debt by another man but he would not forgive the other man's debts.  The Master was very angry with his servant's action.  Part of the Lord's Prayer is asking God for forgiveness but also being able to forgive others.

Is it wrong not to forgive?  I believe it is bad for us not to forgive.  Whatever your faith or belief, consider how your life could be different if you chose to forgive.  If someone hurts or has wronged us and does not repent and change his/her ways, we may not HAVE to forgive that person, but, should we still accept things as they are?  I don't think so.  When we have not been wronged but feel a grudge, I think we should say good bye to those ill feelings.  A good power wash aka forgiveness will push the crap right out of your mind, heart and your life!  There are better friends, a better place, a better life ahead of you!  I feel clean just talking about it!

I know it takes time to work through issues like grudges and forgiveness.  You could be telling
your grandchildren about those things!  But, let's hope we don't miss out on better things in life.  It would be a shame to not see the rainbow.  If I can help with the power wash, let me know!

Update re KaTsZoNe's Future

After a couple years of consideration, I have decided that this will be the final year of blogging under  I will do my FAREWELL TOUR, you might say!I will not be travelling to different cities like Cher and Elton John, but, you never know.  I think it will be great to reminisce about certain times and episodes starting in December, 2004 when the newsletter was born.  I hope to continue the bi-monthly issues for now so, the next episode of KaTsZoNe will be March/April.

I will sort through a few administrative things with the website and consider how to keep in touch in the future with my friends and family.  I am mostly on Facebook these days.  I feel that those of you who are not on Facebook have been neglected oftentimes.  It's tough, in these times, to look after family and keep in touch -- I know.  But, I will let you know in the months ahead what I finally decide.  All I will say is, I still enjoy writing.  So, we'll see what happens.

Thank you to all the loyal readers!  I truly appreciate your gracious comments and support throughout the years.

I wish yu and your loved ones a Happy 2019!  May you have a peaceful, healthy and prosperous year ahead!

Take care,