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By Katherine Kiang
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2 Aug 2008

Hi everyone,

Hope you are all well and seeing that it's August, if you have not had any time off, just reminding you that you can still squeeze it in! 

I am taking days off here and there and certainly enjoying the long weekends -- like this one!


This month, I would like to tell you about Eric Clapton's book called Clapton:  The Autobiography.  It is no wonder that the book is on the New York Times' bestseller list.  It was published in October, 2007 and it is one of the few books I have not been able to put down.  The last time I was so impressed with a book was probably about a decade ago, a book written by Mother Theresa.  I ended up buying several copies and giving them to friends.  I feel the same about Eric Clapton's autobiography. 

You do not have to be a fan of Eric Clapton's to enjoy and appreciate this book.  In fact, I would not consider myself to be a fan.  I happened to be in a bookstore one day with my friend, Larry.  While Larry was reading a bit of Valerie Bertinelli's autobiography, Losing It...and gaining my life back one pound at a time, I saw Clapton's book on the shelf.  I read a page of it and I was hooked.  I did not buy it that day, but, I kept thinking about it.  Finally, I saw it again and picked it up. 

In the first paragraph of the book, Clapton writes that he saw himself as being special, but, not in a positive manner.  It is not a proud statement by any means.  I will not reveal too much, except that being "special" led led him to follow his passion for music, as well as down the road to alcohol and drug abuse, unhealthy relationships and darkness.  I feel as though I have a better understanding and deeper compassion towards those with addictions which I have never been able to fully understand nor moved to feel compassion towards.  It is easy to detest the actions of addicts, once you see the effects on people closest to them.  But, somehow, after reading about Clapton's ordeals, self-discovery and courage to overcome his addictions, I feel as though anyone can do it.  If Eric Clapton overcame death a couple times because of the torture he put himself through, there is nothing so great that you and I cannot overcome!

My life is boring compared to Eric Clapton's.  Perhaps, most of us would admit the same.  However, there are lessons we can all learn about being human.  My mum has always said, her parents always taught her and her siblings to learn to love themselves.  And, one of the most important lessons in Clapton's life is really about learning to love himself.  Wealth, fame, intelligence, social connections, career, family reputation -- what do they all mean?  Does being rich, famous, smart, and having a successful career make us better human beings?  Or, do we simply need to learn to love and accept ourselves in order to become a better human being?

Love and acceptance has a huge impact on the development of our character.  Think about what you would do If you felt unloved and rejected - by parents, friends, peers, or a spouse.  Now, think about what would happen if everyone felt love and acceptance by the significant people in one's life. 

Do you want to get to know an extremely talented individual who has never lost passion for his one true love? 

Do you want to relive some of the greatest times in the modern music era?

Do you want to hear the story about an extraordinary person, telling his poignant story, straight from his heart?

Need a book to read this summer?




It's been awhile since I'v mentioned some new music in my life.  I'm sure iTunes and HMV have wondered where I have been!  Anyway, recently, I picked up three new CDs.  (When it rains...it pours!)

1.  Peter Bloom Band: "Thoughts (from a paralyzed mind)"

I met Peter Bloom at the Humber Songwriters Showcase on April 30, 2007.  He was one of the former students who took the Humber Songwriters program which takes place annually during the summer.  I remember how impressed I was with his song, "Let It Go", and won a runner up radio award.  He's a great talent whom I believe will go far!  


2.  Daphne Darling:  "The Darling Project"

I have mentioned Daphne's name and some of her music in previous episodes of KaTsZoNe.  Daphne is a multiple award winning singer/songwriter and I enjoy hearing her live at various shows.  Recently, she opened for Rascal Flatts at Bayfest in Sarnia.  So, I finally picked up this amazing CD!  There are six songs on this CD and I love all of them.  I have no doubt that she will continue to excel in her craft and go on to bigger and better things!

Remember what I said about my favourite books - that If I am really impressed, I will buy copies for my friends!  If you would like a copy of Daphne's CD, the first two people on my mailing list to respond by email saying that you would like a copy of Daphne's CD, I will send one to you (but only one CD per family).  If you miss this opportunity, you can order Daphne's CD from 


3.  Sam Roberts Band:  "Love At The End of the World"

I have not been acquainted with Sam Roberts' music that long.  I heard they were going to be playing in town, so, I thought I would check out their myspace website.  I really liked what I heard.  Their album was released in May, but, not on iTunes.  It took me awhile to get to an HMV.  Like...go to a music store and buy a CD....what's that?  Anyway, I finally got the baby home and it's been great.  Of course, first thing I did was to download it onto my iPod! 

The clerk at HMV commented, "It's a great album".  The  "Love At The End of the World" album debuted at #1 in Canada! 


If anyone hears a new artist or a new album which they would like to recommend, please email me a website or any information about it.  I hope to add more music to my collection!


Those of you who may not have received some photos I have taken this summer, please check out the following.

Just For Laughs Toronto Festival - taken on July 25, 2008:  

Since this newsletter is posted on my website, I have not included personal photos.  To my friends, if you are interested in seeing all of my photo albums on Gmail, please let me know, and I will email the links to you.

See you in September!


Katherine (Kat/KK)






Correction:  Note that there is an error in the third paragraph about Eric Clapton's autobiography.  I mentioned that he saw himself as being special.  He actually uses the word "different".  He said, he knew he was different from an early age.  When I first read the statement, I interpreted the word "different" as being "special" or "unique".  I just wanted to rectify this error.