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By Katherine Kiang
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1 Nov 2008

I'm sure October 2008 will be remembered worldwide. 

Markets around the world took some nosedives and we have heard the dreaded word, "Recession", in our midst.  Those with stocks, mutual funds in their portfolios, myself included, have seen a huge dip.  And, in some cases, people have taken advantage of bargains and bought more stocks - again, myself included. 

I caught a bad cold which hit at a busy time at the office.  I was asked to work on entries for my work's website and the deadline was that week when I became sick.  Then, I was also to practice my presentation skills, but, my voice became pretty hoarse because of my cold.  I did do my presentation and I'm glad my co-workers liked it.  It was on Toronto Cemeteries - just in time for Halloween!

Although I was not feeling 100%, I did have a lot of fun doing my Toronto Cemeteries presentation and dressing up for Halloween at work.  We are currently in the middle of United Way fundraising season and we ended October with a Halloween costume contest.  I dressed up as a witch -- a good witch, since I was giving out candy rather than "trick or treating" and asking for candy.  My co-worker, Vera, and I called it bribing, I mean, campaigning for votes.  Vera made her Minnie Mouse costume and I must say, she was the cutest mouse, bringing her mini Minnie along with her - she called it her "mini me".  In the end, our Deputy Director won for best costume dressed as Tigger and knew how to play the role.  She challenged our group to dress up and she would contribute $10 to United Way for each person who dressed up.  At least 10 of us got dressed up.  We had witches, a devil's advocate, farmer, cowboy, Minnie Mouse, devils, and a "new kid" standing on blocks (aka "new kid on the block).  The rest of our office (not in my particular group) dressed up as vikings, a "republican" voter (lol- quite unique), pirate, and alien.

And now, here we are in November.  Although Christmas is not till December, this is the time when decorations are already in the stores.  I was at Sears checking out Christmas cards.  I also noticed that the Christmas decorations at the Eaton Centre are out, but, not yet in full glitter -- soon enough though. 

It's getting chilly these days but something to look forward to in November is the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair.  I wish they did not put the word "Winter" in there.  Perhaps, that's why most people just call it "The Royal" and I do the same.  For about 5 years (or more), I have tried to attend every year.  For a couple years, my friend Donna, invited me to the horse shows.  This year, I am planning to take my mom - it will be her first time at The Royal.  Watch out for pics!

As memorable as October has been, I think November, 2008 will also be quite memorable.  We shall be watching the results of the U.S. election which takes place on November 4th. 

Friends, let me know if you've been out or will go out for some crazy fun!  Those who are on Facebook, thanks for keeping in touch too!


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