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By Katherine Kiang
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10 Mar 2009

Hey everyone,

Yep...I know...I'm late!  My excuse is, someone stole ALL the calendars from my house and my office!  Oh...really!  My other excuse is that I've been busy.  I honestly have no idea how the first of the month slipped by me so quickly!  Whoooosh!  And now, it's the 10th day of the 3rd month.  Before I allow the rest of March to slip by, I figured I would just tell all of you what's been happening so far.

I started the month of March by attending a mining conference!  As an investor, it's been an annual tradition for me to attend the Investors Exchange part of the Prospectors Developers Association of Canada's huge conference/trade show/investors exchange.  The four-day conference/show at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre is massive!  It is unbelievably organized and efficient in most cases -- that in itself is already impressive.  I am there to listen to various newsletter writers speak their minds, give their analyses, make recommendations -- no matter how the messages translate, whether it's "doom and gloom" or "it's gonna be alright", I usually find these talks enlightening.  Sometimes, the speakers agree with each other on the economic outlook.  Other times, they disagree.  Sometimes, they may even agree to disagree.  These gurus on mining investment have always helped me see what was ahead -- they always say, they don't know what will happen and that they don't have a crystal ball, yet, oftentimes, their observations of the world at large down to the country we live in, are right on.  For years, I knew what to expect and sometimes, how to prepare, because these speakers are really good!  So, the next time you think I'm just going to collect "loot" at the various exhibitors' booth (and I got some pretty great loot this year!), remember what I told you right here.  I have taken time to indulge myself for a day or two, just to learn, and to be in the presence of those I consider to be some of the brightest minds, the humblest investors, the most hardworking men and women in the mining business.  Hey, if you do get some nifty pens, baseball hats, flashlights, MP3 player, candies, rubber balls, reusable shopping bags from me, you'll be more glad I show up at the PDAC every year!

So, what's next?  This week, starting on March 12th, I will be attending Canadian Music Week (CMW)!  I am uber excited!  March is my "M&M" month - so, I am going from Mining to Music in March.  I am up to my head in M&Ms!!!  I am enrolled in CMW's "Tune Up" conference.  I remember when I attended CMW in 2007, I was so wiped out by the end of each day of the conference.  There was so much to learn, new people to meet, exhibits to see - it was amazing!  I'm hoping it will be another great experience.  It would be a relief just to get out of my cubicle and maybe one day, get out of my cubicle life forever!  Just let me dream.  Yes, I can dream and for me, it helps to dream using songs.  I feel that it is so important to be supportive of artists and to ensure that we have access to lots of different kinds of music because our life would not be the same without music.  Personally, music has been there for me through good times and bad and I'm sure it will continue to be that way.  I am grateful to songwriters, artists, producers, record companies, publishers, pub owners, and so many more, who are involved in the creation, production and performance aspects of music.  These days, I'm so enlightened when my cell phone rings and it's Lady Gaga's song, "Poker Face", calling me!  Yep -- ringtones!  I don't know who should get the credit for developing the technology of ringtones -- thank you...whoever you are!  Maybe I should think about getting a doorbell one day which sings more than just a few tones -- maybe Lady Gaga or some later hit to come along! 

So, my friends, in just the first two weeks of March, I guess it's no time to fall asleep!  I don't have any other major plans in March, but, who knows what will transpire when this month is through.  My friend, Helenie, and I are planning to visit the Royal Ontario Museum to catch the diamonds exhibit in April before it ends soon.  April happens to be "Diamond Month", so, my dear friends, just to let you know -- I would never turn down the gift of diamonds.  It's not my birthstone but as my friend, Irene, has said about me, I'm like a crow (gee thanks) -- I like shiny stuff!  Can't seem to take my eyes off of them. 

Speaking of shiny stuff, wish me luck in shopping for a new camera.  I won't get into details of what I'm looking for, but, just keep your fingers crossed.  Most of you know how I like to take pics at various events and paste them in my Google album - you lucky people!  Anyway, shiny stuff, you ask?  What does a camera have to do with "shiny stuff"?  Watch out people.  If you see a bright (shiny) flash in your eyes -- surprise!  You're on KK's photo album!  Just don't forget to say "cheese".  And, if you are lactose intolerant, say "trees".  And, if you are allergic to "trees", say "KATSZONE"! 

Alas, I must now end this crazy, quickie episode of KaTsZoNe.  I am glad we had a chance to connect even though it has been kind of short and sweet! 

Catch you later!

Katherine (KK)

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