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By Katherine Kiang
KaTsZoNe Newsletters > KaTsZoNe - Issue 55 - "The Lazy Hazy Crazy Days of Summer" - Oh Really?

2 Aug 2009

Hey all,

How is everyone this fine August day? 

Here in T.O., the city workers are finally back to work after over a month long strike.  That's just one event which caused a big stink (since it involved garbage collection).  It drove people kind of crazy - for union workers and residents.  The craziness is basically over now.  Last night, I wanted to run across the street to hug the garbage collector and tell him how I miss him and the clanky sound of his truck which comes every night to collect garbage at the TTC stop across from my house.  I would sometimes stay up at night and can hear him come by, especially when my windows are open.  Afterwards, I would feel relieved that he had done his job and I could then go to sleep in peace - rather than be woken up by the clanky sound from the truck.  Well, I did not have that opportunity because he was actually on his way when I saw him.  I saw my grateful neighbour quickly tow his large blue bin towards the truck, and it was nice of the garbage collector to have taken it.  It was his first night back on the job (I believe).  Wonder if my neighbour felt like hugging the garbage collector like I did.  LOL. 

Lazy days...?  Well, so far, I have not been that lazy.  In July, I spent a weekend at the Honda Indy Toronto.  Work has not been so quiet either.  Just because it is summer, we have been working away like busy bees.  Some days, I felt like my only 'escape' was just hoping for peace and quiet in the washroom!  Sometimes, even THAT was impossible!

I have also been catching up with friends and also visiting a friend in the hospital.  Been busy praying -- that's always a worthwhile pursuit!  I do hope all of you are keeping well but if you have a need which you care to share with me, I will pray for you too.  I am glad that God never slumbers or sleeps; He is keeping busy all year round. 

Has it been hazy?  No doubt, the air in downtown Toronto is not the cleanest, but, luckily, we have not had many hot, hazy days this summer.  In fact, as I sit here in my living room typing away, it's quite cool.  No air conditioning required - just some natural air from open windows.  We have saved money on the hydro and water bills!  We have had several storms and one time, there was flooding in downtown Toronto and areas near the beaches, which is rather unusual for the summer season.  It's as though summer is like spring, so, I wonder if our fall will be hot and humid, like summer.  That would be pretty crazy!  Now, if only our winter would be like fall or even summer! 

So now, on this August long weekend, with a grin and a yawn on my face, and a bit of a headache (possibly from a rainstorm approaching?), I'm just going to keep things short as I am planning to relax and finish watching the "Nature" program on how maggots and other animals help solve crimes.  It's very cool!  I am obviously going to be distracted.

Enjoy the weekend everyone and hope you will have some fun, relaxing days in August! 

Take care,

Katherine (KK)


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