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By Katherine Kiang
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1 Sep 2009

Hi everyone,

Hard to believe that September is now upon us.  It already feels like fall in Toronto.  Don't believe me?  Pulling out the sweaters and turning on the heaters in the car and house must tell you something! 

Although summer did not seem to last long, especially when it comes to hot weather, it certainly has not been uneventful.  I'm not just talking about concerts and events here in T.O. although I did attend Mosport with Larry on August 8th and Buskerfest on August 28th.

Larry took the Bridgestone Racing Academy's "Thrill of Lifetime" course and learned to drive a 125HP Reynard Formula car on a 2.4 km track.  He spent about an hour in the classroom.  Then, the class of 12 was divided into two groups of six.  There was one practice session so that drivers can get used to handling the car.  Then, the Instructors led two groups of three out and really put them to the test.  My thrill was taking lots of photos!  I tried to follow in the professional photographer's footsteps, except that he could go to places on the track where I could not tread!  Ah well.  I still had my thrill!  It's not easy running after race cars, trying to get good shots -- especially, since I was trying to follow Larry's car as he whizzed by.  Incidentally, he was in Car #15 -- I told him that that is Canada's Paul Tracy's number (in the Indy series). 

After Larry finished his course, we went to another track to see actual races on the 4 km road course.  Mosport International Raceway is Canada's largest multitrack motorsports complex located north of Bowmanville.  It is just over an hour northeast of Toronto.  They also have go-karting at Mosport.  It is a fun place -- if you are into cars!  We had a fabulous time!

As I have also mentioned, I went to the annual Buskerfest which took place on Front Street East, just east of Yonge, spanning all the way to the St. Lawrence Market.  I went on a Friday, and came upon talented arts/crafts and food vendors, as well as interesting performers.  I saw a young man on a bike which was way up in the air - he juggled -- not balls, but, more like a baton of fire, etc.  There were clowns swinging in the air, mimes playing music, and a very talented puppeteer who happened to take his Jimi Hendrix puppet to new heights.  I loved that Jimi Hendrix puppet -- those moves to music would have made Jimi real proud! 

And, as Labour Day approaches, I am thinking of heading down to "the Ex" (CNE) some time during the Labour Day long weekend before the event draws to an end.  There will be some more pics to post after that, for sure!

If you have not seen my Summer 2009 album of various events I had attended in T.O., take a look at http://picasaweb.google.ca/katszone88/Summer2009?authkey=Gv1sRgCM-B_8XKkqyReA#

I want to thank many of you for praying for Larry's dad who has been in the hospital since July 20th.  Larry's dad had an aneurysm at the base of his head which burst, resulting in serious effects (including bleeding in the brain, called "subarachnoid hemorrhage").  The family has been at the hospital every day since July 20th, and, I know it has not been too easy.  Just hearing about his condition sounds scary and it was scary.  And, as the family goes down this road, I remember my own experience with both my parents, when they were in the hospital, being treated for their illnesses.  We have to learn a new language - medical in nature - which we may not have learned before.  We are getting familiar with new surroundings, namely, the hospitals and their various departments.  We are learning names of doctors and nurses -- more than we've probably ever met in our lifetime when we had minor illnesses.  We are meeting other patients -- some who are better, some who may be in worse shape than our loved ones (which is also not easy to face).

I remember many of you who have been so supportive of me and my family throughout the years, when I went through my parents' illnesses.  I appreciated so many of you who listened to me when I tried to describe what I had learned -- which was not always the easiest to learn and digest.  I am thankful to my "sisters" who called me at the end of a long day at the hospital, even if it's to remind me to eat dinner when I simply forgot.  And, of course, those who gave me something to eat -- I cannot tell you how much that meant to me, knowing that you cared.

For those who have never been the primary caregivers to children, parents, or spouses, I suppose you will not know how it feels, what you need and what or to whom you are grateful for, until you have walked in those shoes.  For me, I know that life is too short.  No matter what "little stresses" we may be mad about from day to day, remember that people are irreplaceable -- and, as I see it, in the whole grand scheme of life, some "things" are just not worth stressing over.  And, whatever you may think you know -- I KNOW THAT LOVE PREVAILS!  And, you will do more than you think you are able to because of LOVE. 

I have seen Larry's dad come a long way.  He is out of Intensive Care.  He is on a regular hospital floor.  He's receiving physiotherapy and I know rehab is not far away.  I see him improving.  He is not 100% yet, but, I see his wonderful family being there, loving him, and doing more than 100% -- more than what they think they are able to do.  All the positive thoughts and prayers which his friends and family are sending are making a difference.  That is something I have learned in my own experience -- the support through prayers and strong positive messages from friends and family. 

As summer 2009 draws to an end, I look back on some pleasant and also intense memories.  It's just part of life -- all the ups and downs.  But, without friends like you to share my experiences with, I doubt I would be as enriched and fulfilled.  You really do make a difference in my life and I hope you will also realize those who make a difference in your life.  Make the best of those experiences and share them with others.

I wish you my best wishes in the upcoming year.  Year?  But, it's only September, you say.  For me, the start of a new school year is like a new year.  Maybe, I am also thinking of the Jewish New Year (Rosh Hashanah) which is often in September!  LOL.  Each new season -- it's like a new year.  So, make the best of it.  Enjoy! 

Katherine (KK)

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