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By Katherine Kiang
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1 Jun 2010

Hi everyone,

Hope all is well in your corner of the world.  I enjoyed my break from KaTsZoNe in May.  In fact, think I'm already getting into the "lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer"! 

Inspite of taking a slower pace in May, still, I have been on a journey. 

Last November, I was diagnosed with diabetes.  My dad had diabetes and so does my mom.  Not surprisingly, as I delved into more sweets in my life, especially when under stress, my blood sugar went straight up there.  When my doctor told me that he may have to start me on medication, I tried to buy some time.  I agreed to go to Branson Hospital first, to consult with a dietician.  Then, I just cut down on stuff that I knew I had to cut down on.  On top of that, I was told that I had fatty liver and it was getting worse.  So, I had to see a hepatologist (liver specialist) about that too.

I realized that when I became stressed, my health went downhill.  It's nothing new for me.  And, because my health was going downhill, that also stressed me out.  I was not dealing with things very well.  I have helped to take care of my dad in the past.  Then, I took care of my mom when she was diagnosed with heart disease.  From time to time, I still have to help my mom as she deals with high blood pressure and diabetes, making sure that it does not lead to other complicating health problems -- which could effect the eyes and other organs.  Taking care of others was my specialty.  When it came to looking after myself, I'd shrug my shoulders and say, "What's that?"

If you look after others more than yourself, that's not quite the sacrifice which people admire.  We can sacrifice lots of things in life for "the greater good of many", but, in the case of your own health, you don't want to do that!  I think, some people believe that putting others' needs before themselves is  their purpose or lot in life.  Women, especially, have ignored their own health because after taking care of everyone and everything else, it seems there just isn't time left for us. 

I am telling you today and as much as I can, to remind each of you how important your health is.  You may not feel the pains or effects now, thinking you are still young, but, I have now seen serious effects come upon me.  My parents ate very sensibly throughout their lives, but, just because you exercise, eat well and sleep well, if you know of certain diseases which may have a genetic connection (i.e. diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, etc.), you may have to take extra precautions in life.  If you can't prevent it, at least, if a disease does appear, if you have tried to maintain a healthy body, healthy mind, healthy lifestyle, you have a better chance of overcoming it.  The prize is, you get to live longer!  You have the gift of spending extra years to see your kids grow up, to love your spouse more, to enjoy your friends a little longer.  You will not regret not taking care of yourself better.  It's all up to you.

I was trying to avoid doctors and check-ups.  I hate being told that there is a problem.  It's such an ordeal.  But, I think that knowledge is better than ignorance.  I want you to benefit from my journey.  I don't think you'd want to walk in my shoes.  I haven't told you all the stuff I've gone through in the past several years.  It's not just diabetes.  I'll tell you, it's no picnic! 

If you are going through a health issue in your life (i.e. physically, mentally), it's okay to get help.  That is why I have to consider all the health professionals in my life as MY TEAM!  My family doctor, hepatologist, and eye specialist are now part of MY TEAM.  I am currently looking for a dermatologist to join MY TEAM.  I am extremely fortunate that most of the health services I require are covered by our provincial health plan or by my work health insurance plan.  So, that's another reason to take advantage of these health service providers now because if you have been to the hospitals and nursing homes in recent years, you will see that much is lacking in many of our institutions.  Frankly, it has been unacceptable -- unless you are wealthy.  For the average income resident, who knows what will be left by the time I am a senior?

Besides working on my physical health in the month of May, I have been learning about various subjects.  One of the things which has touched me a lot is about discovering our destiny or path in life.  I have often wondered whether I am supposed to work in the legal field.  I have enjoyed the challenges of law for years, but, it has always been a love/hate relationship.  If you study law and enjoy it very much, I'm not sure if you will enjoy it as much once you are working in the area.  Some may think the opposite -- so, if you are studying law or work in the legal field, I'd definitely like to hear your views.  Anyway, I do believe that we came to earth for a purpose.  Combine purpose with free will, I think that there are a couple things we may need to do.  If we are not pursuing that purpose, we could become a bit messed up.  Our path has been detoured, but somehow, we are meant to get back on the right path.  I am praying for guidance and hope that whatever purpose I am suppose to fulfill. 

Okay people, I'm done with the really serious stuff about life.  Gosh...I need to get out of that skin!

I want to talk about one of my most favourite topics -- KaTsZoNe!!!  I started writing the KaTsZoNe newsletter in December, 2004 on Word.  Then, I launched www.katszone.com in December, 2005, which has received over 25,500 "hits".  Sounds like a lot of visits to me!  Since the website was registered on Google, it's not surprising to me that it has received that many "hits".  I see accounts from all over the world visiting my website.  It's good and bad, I suppose.  So many people get to read KaTsZoNe -- FABULOUS!  Oh my gosh, SO MANY people are visiting my website and know about who I am and what I like to do!  LOL.

It has been lots of fun running a website and writing monthly episodes of KaTsZoNe for my friends and acquaintances for over 5 years.  I appreciate many of you dropping by from time to time and leaving me comments on the website, sending me emails and messaging me on Facebook.  I'm glad you have enjoyed what I had to say.  Sometimes, I think I talk too much or don't have anything entertaining to say.  I basically entertain myself!  But, like I said, I'm glad KaTsZoNe has become a part of your life and your vocabulary.  Sure, I'm humble too -- it's all about me, KATSZONE!  Thank you so much for being honest and too kind to little ole me! 

All I wanted to do from the very beginning was to keep my friends up to date about my personal life and maybe take you to places and events which I thought some of you may also have an interest in.  I took advantage of technology and started to send mass emails to all of you.  Sure, it may sometimes end up in your junk mail, but, I divided up those emails.  If, for any reason, you do not wish to receive emails from KaTsZoNe anymore, please let me know.  I will certainly not be offended.  In fact, I have taken some of you off my email list if you are one of my Facebook friends since you can find issues of KaTsZoNe
in my Notes section. 

I am planning to continue to write KaTsZoNe, however, I may be changing the frequency and format of the newsletter.  As for the website, sometimes, I want to get away from running a website altogether.  I need to do some thinking, rethinking and planning.  If anyone has suggestions on alternative formats or website providers, please let me know.

Other than getting sunburned in May (already!), not too much to report.  As for June, I am going to use the Ontario tourism website at www.ontariotravel.net to guide me on my journeys, as I would like to visit more of this very vast province.  Hope you will also find it useful, if you live in Ontario or plan to visit this summer. 

Have a fabulous, safe summer everyone!  I look forward to updating you in July.


Katherine (KK/Kat)


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