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By Katherine Kiang
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3 Nov 2010

Hey everyone,

Did you have a nice October?  I must have enjoyed myself too much because I went to bed on October 31st, turned off the light, then suddenly bolted up and thought, "OH MY GOD -- I forgot all about writing KaTsZoNe for the 1st of November!"  October seemed to be a dream.  ZIP -- GONE!

I think October was relatively uneventful compared to September.  Do you recall that in September, I attended to the Hispanic Fiesta, Vegetarian Fair and the Toronto Resource Conference?  I started the month of October very s...l..o...w....l....y.  There were days when I felt like I was moving in slow motion.  Have you ever felt like that for days or weeks in a row?  I wondered if I was simply not getting enough sleep.  I also wondered whether the crazy pace of September may have caught up with me.  Perhaps, the weather changes also effected my mood and energy level.  Well, I felt better closer to the end of October, and my energy has picked up more.  Recently, I became super cautious (sometimes borderline obsessive--LOL) about NOT catching a cold or some other cold bug.  When I told my co-worker about how I was so determined not to get sick on the last Friday of October, she joked that it was just not in my schedule.  I laughed.  That's right!  I had to start Christmas shopping!  I had felt a stabbing pain in my throat and the inside of my right ear was itchy, so, I immediately went into my regimen of Starbucks chai tea (a black tea), Vitamin C, homeopathic pills to prevent the onset of a bug (which I stock up on for the winter), and Ricola cough candies.  Of course, lots of water helped too.  I was so tired last Friday, I drank coffee with honey -- the honey helped heal my sore throat.  After a whole day of my regimen, I ended up going Christmas shopping in the evening with a friend!  And, my symptoms had virtually disappeared by that evening, but, just for good measure, I went for some cranberry juice to help to kick butt of any bug which might have second thoughts about staying in my system!  I was definitely in shape to spend the last weekend of October to continue Christmas shopping and I got lucky!  Found gifts for the VIPs in my life and I did not even make my holiday shopping list yet!  October ended well!

I'm already looking forward to what is in store for November, starting with the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair ("The Royal") which beginson November 5th and runs until November 14th at the Exhibition Place, Toronto.  I love the SuperDogs, horse shows, giant vegetables, cows, goats, alpacas, pigs, poultry, etc.  This year, there is an opportunity to check out some new events like "horse hockey"!  LOL.  Celebrity chefs will be on the grounds and Woof & Hoof should be fun!  For more information about The Royal, check out their website for a list of fun stuff to see, taste and experience at http://royalfair.org.  I shall let you all about my visit.

If you are interested in other events, you can visit the calendar section of my website at
http://www.katszone.com/page/page/6673173.htm.  Obviously, KaTsZoNe is not going to mention every major event happening in T.O. - just those which I am personally interested in or think that some of you may also be interested in attending.  I have included such events as Winter Woofstock (for dog lovers) and the One of a Kind Christmas Show.  So, bookmark the calendar!  Maybe I'll see you at some of these events or we could go together?

By the way, I also look forward to annual Christmas tea with my awesome friend, Marleen, and some of our friends at the King Edward Hotel in December.  It is one of the highlights for me during the Christmas season.  I believe that next year will be the 15th anniversary of Marleen and I getting together for Christmas tea!  We started with two and now have added in numbers.  Do I love tea?  You bet!  But, I love the company of amazing girlfriends more! 

Now that we are halfway through the week, I better get back to catching up on my numerous emails.  Yes, I am always busy, busy, busy on my computer and Blackberry BUT I always look forward to hearing from my dear friends.  It's always great to hear from you all!!!  Call me..."tweet" me...email me....Facebook me...BBM me...just get in touch! 

All the best,


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