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By Katherine Kiang
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1 Dec 2010

Hi everyone,

Once again, another month seems to have whizzed by and now, it's less than a month until Christmas!  I made a point of trying to finish all my Christmas shopping before December.  Why, you ask?  I have never even attempted this feat in the past, but, after reading my November horoscope by Susan Miller's Astrology Zone, and read that I should finish all my holiday shopping before December, I just decided I can do it!  I usually don't take horoscopes too seriously, as I believe that my actions may be a self-fulfilling prophecy - just following an astrologer's advice.  So, if I do read a monthly horoscope, it might be near the end of the month.  Susan Miller has mentioned a number of things which has stunned me in its accuracy.  One thing is that I would meet someone like Larry and it was just 1 or 2 months before I actually met him.  I won't go into details here, but, it was a specific point she had made and it really surprised me that she was right! 

I don't live my life according to my horoscope -- oh really, you say?  Well, in this case, finishing my holiday shopping before December is just practical because every year, I just get stressed about work and Christmas shopping!  So, why not?  Good time to just enjoy the season and enjoy life! 

The Whole Life Expo took place from November 26th to 28th at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre and I attended on the first two days.  I have attended this expo at least twice in the past.  I first became interested in this expo when I was seeing a naturopathic doctor, but, I have had an interest in natural remedies for years.  As many of you may know, I went to see a naturopathic doctor to treat psoriasis, which my friend, Simone, referred me to.  Simone is now a naturopathic doctor herself!  I believe there was a divine reason for us to meet.  She came to my office and helped me out a lot, and she also became an instrument to lead me on this path to living a healthier life.  As I tried to seek treatment for psoriasis, I discovered that healing is not just about applying medication.  I had to look at my WHOLE LIFE and how to achieve BALANCE.

Being a Christian, I was always warned by my parents and Christian teachers about "New Age" stuff like astrology, crystals, tarot cards, psychics, etc.  I felt that I believed in what I needed to believe in -- God.  But, you and I don't live inside a cocoon and we will likely run into people or circumstances which might challenge our thoughts and beliefs.  Christians believe that God is our Healer.  While some may think that means, not taking medicine, because it means human intervention, I disagree.  I believe that God does use people, things, circumstances or whatever it might be to heal us.  It depends if we can keep an open mind.  I tried acupuncture when I sprained my ankle and was healed in two sessions!  I tried colon therapy to treat psoriasis but I also benefitted in other ways from the colon cleanse!  While some people would rather hide the fact that they are going for colon therapy, I was promoting it to friends, co-workers, on my website and to anyone who would listen!  You might not want to try the therapies I have tried, which is fine.  We find different treatments because we are different people. 

This year, I tried something quite unprecedented at the Whole Life Expo.  About 20 years ago, I worked with a girl who said she could see colours around me.  I had hoped she could not read minds too because I thought, she is a very nice girl but she's a bit strange.  I now know that she was seeing my aura.  At the Whole Life Expo, I decided to get my aura photographed.  As strange as it may sound, I was interested to see what colours would show up around me.  I did it for fun and was a bit skeptical, but, as I was open to trying new things, I thought it might be interesting to see what would be reported.  Firstly, the colours in my aura photo had no correlation to what I was wearing at the time.  Interestingly, the colours are what I often wear and are my favourites -- mainly blue and indigo/violet.  My photo did not resemble any of the 5-6 photos posted on the photographer's bulletin board, so, it was not something which applied to everyone.  The report I received seemed to accurately describe my personality and career interests.  The photographer only knew my first name and had no other information, like birthdate, place of birth, etc.  I accept what I read as something which may help my life.

I have seen many paintings of a halo around the heads of Jesus and other Christian saints.  I wondered why artists chose to draw a halo (also called an "aura"), as though there was light energy emitted from them.  I am not certain how theories about the colours of auras came about, so, this is an area of further interest.  I also find it intriguing how auras can be photographed and how it would be considered authentic.  There are stories about children who can see auras and interestingly, they see the same colours as aura photos.  Taking a photo of auras is not a new invention.  Nikola Tesla is the pioneer inventor and electrical engineer who took the first aura photo in the 1890's! 

Another area of interest for me is animal communication.  At the Whole Life Expo, I heard an interesting animal communicator, Charlotte Szivak, speak about her experiences communicating with various animals, including her own pets.  She gave lots of practical advice which made a lot of sense.  Some of her teachings which I would like to embrace is that animals don't have a heart but their entire being is "love".  They love unconditionally.  Also, we may think that we can teach our pets, but, they came to teach us about life.  Like humans, they have emotions and feelings.  We need to talk to our pets and ask them to tell us if something is wrong.  I do not own a pet, however, I have sometimes feel a connection with certain animals.  I think we can all learn to be more in tune with living things - starting with fellow human beings would be a good start!

Attending the Whole Life Expo is a journey.  Instead of hopping on a plane or boat, I travelled to new places and learned different things.  I tasted different kinds of foods, learned a new language (from an animal communicator), saw myself under a "different light" and had my photo taken in the process.  So, take a new journey, even if you do not need to fly off somewhere.  Sometimes, we can have fun and be enlightened in our soul. 

Conferences, expos, conventions can be lots of fun.  In fact, I met a dog named Ruby on the subway who was going to Woof Fest at the Direct Energy Centre on Saturday.  She is such a sweet dog.  Ruby is going to be 1 year old on December 26th this year.  She is part border collie.  Ruby loves to eat, eat, eat, but keeps her girlish figure very well like her human mom.  Perhaps, I learned more than I thought from the animal communicator or maybe, I have learned how to communicate well with humans too!  LOL.

Thanks for joining for the last episode of KaTsZoNe in 2010!  Hope you will check my calendar of events from time to time at www.katszone.com/page/page/6673173.htm and follow my journeys in town.

Happy Christmas and Hanukkah to all of you and all the best to your loved ones!  We'll catch up in the new year!

Be well,



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