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By Katherine Kiang
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2 Mar 2011

Welcome to the March episode of KaTsZoNe!  This month's edition is a mishmash of February and upcoming March events which I am planning to attend.

I, for one, am glad that March is upon us.  I am looking forward to greenery and saying good-bye to snow!  Although snow is very picturesque when you are sightseeing or looking at a beautiful calendar or postcard, the salt, dirt and icy mountains to shovel is not quite so appealing.  Snowstorms have wreaked havoc across the U.S. and Canada making travelling extremely challenging.  Some people missed being with their families for Christmas.  Others spent a few days in the airports or bus stations before they could leave their destinations, in order to get home or to go on a holiday far away from the "Great White North"! 

Aside from weather, I thought my friends and I were never going to shake off cold viruses.  If only I could dodge to the left, dodge to the right, fast enough, every time someone coughed in my direction or started to blow their noses.  I dared not put my bare hands on anything while riding the buses or subways, but, sometimes, I would forget.  Well, getting sick means that my immune system is working well -- guess I should be grateful.  Getting sick is not bad for our bodies.  The important thing to remember is, how quickly we recover from those sicknesses shows the strength of our immune system.  There are many ways to recover more quickly from a cold virus, by boosting your immune system.  We cannot avoid getting sick.  L
iving a generally healthy lifestyle and eating properly is so important to help our bodies fight viruses and diseases and recover faster. 

I am glad that Larry and I were able to attend the Canadian International Auto Show at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre in February.  Special highlights include a wonderful Firebird and Camaro exhibit, seeing some of my favourite Supercars (like Lamborghinis, Lotus, etc.), and also, having our photo taken with Subaru's sumo wrestler!  Take a look at some photos from the show at www.flickr.com/photos/katszone/sets/72157626045305759.  I have posted photos of cars only on the site, not the one of Larry and I with the sumo wrestler.

Just to let you know, I have finally created the Year of the Rabbit section on the KaTsZoNe website at www.katszone.com/year_of_rabbit.html.  There are various predictions for the coming lunar year.  I have referred to several other websites, so, if you are interested in Chinese astrology, take a peek.  Since many of you are interested in Chinese astrology, I have put this on my website.  I find it entertaining, but, I do not live my life following astrological predictions.  I have never met anyone who has told me that their monthly and annual astrological predictions all came true -- 100%.  That's like believing that you will win the lottery every time you just believe it!  Sure, it can happen.  I have had things come true according to my horoscope, but, I think we our destiny is not strictly according to "star charts".  We have the power to create our path and change the life we live. 

My variety of interests have taken me to many different places and continue to do so until now.  For example, in the month of March, I will be attending the Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada (PDAC) annual conference/trade show/mining show at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.  I usually attend the free presentations and exhibits, but, last year, I also attended the trade show.  This year, I will also be listening to reputable newsletter writers and companies make presentations, as well as visit hundreds of companies' exhibits, but, before all that, I will, for the first time, be attending a short course called, Investment Fundamentals: Understanding mineral exploration and resource development and the relationship to company stock prices.  Doesn't that sound like tons of fun?  Who says rocks are not fun?  If you are shaking your head and rolling your eyes, let me just say that, I'm rockin' my little heart out with the price of gold being over $1,430 USD/ounce, price of silver at almost $35.00 USD/ounce, and price of platinum at around $1,850 USD/ounce.  Precious metals are HEAVY man!  LOL. 

Precious metals are great but I will also be looking into rare metals and rare earth elements.  Rare metals include Beryllium, Lithium, Gallium, Indium, Tantalum, and Niobium.  Lithium is used in lithium ion batteries for hybrid and electric vehicles.  Tantalum's main use is in electronic components, mainly capacitors for cell phones, computers and automotive electronics.  Tantalum is also used for ship and aircraft controls, weapon systems, medical instruments, artificial hips and knees in the chemical industry.  Rare earth elements include Cerium, Dysprosium (used in lasers), Erbium, Europium, Gadolinium (used in lasers, X-ray tubes, computer RAM), Holmium (used in lasers), Lanthanum (used in glass, camera lenses, battery electrodes), Lutetium (used in PET scan detectors), Neodymium, Praseodymium, Promethium (used in nuclear batteries), Samarium, Scandium (used in aerospace parts), Terbium, Thulium, Ytterbium (used in infrared lasers), and Yttrium (used in lasers, superconductor, microwave filters). 
(Resource World Magazine, Vol. 9 Issue 2, pp. 13 and 36)

Next week is not only the start of the PDAC mining conference/trade show, it is also the start of Canadian Music Week (CMW).  Although I am not planning to attend the conference, I will keep my eyes peeled for celebrities, including rock star Nikki Sixx, Sarah MacLachlan, Melissa Etheridge, and Sammy Hagar who will be appearing at interviews or receiving awards at CMW.  This annual event brings people from all over the world, and I have had the pleasure of meeting local and international musicians and music business professionals in previous years.  I hope to meet some friends down there as well.

Speaking of musicians, I would like to end this episode with a blast from the past.  In March, 2007, I wrote KaTsZoNe episode called, "Words and Lyrics", which you can find at www.katszone.com/articles/article/2707847/72372.htm.  Check it out!

Enjoy the coming of spring, especially those of you who may be off as well, and get out to do stuff with your kids during March Break. 

Be well.

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