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By Katherine Kiang
KaTsZoNe Newsletters > KaTsZoNe - Issue 81 - Thank You, Thank You, Thank You

3 Oct 2011

Hi everyone,

Hope you are enjoying fall, especially if you live in parts of the country where the leaves are changing colour.  That, to me, is one of the prettiest sights in the world.  It is not easy to decide what to wear in the morning so, I think that layering is usually the best way to go.  

It's been quite a busy September at work, as well as at home.  I do like keeping busy as long as it's not crazy busy for a long period of time.  Speaking with co-workers and friends, we always seem to be keeping busy with something.  Just recently, I had problems with a pipe at home and water from my kitchen sink flowed through the hole in the pipe which was getting larger each day until it turned into Niagara Falls in my basement.  I had two buckets on the go as water cascaded down.  Finding a good plumber took awhile.  Finally, my mom's friend referred a plumber to us, so, thank goodness, no more bucket dances during dish washing time!  I am ever so grateful!

We also had two dead trees cut and a tree cutter brought a team of busy beavers.  We became very popular in this neighbourhood as neighbours came by and asked if they could have the wood -- FREE WOOD!  Well, no wonder we became so popular!  Again, so grateful to the the team of cut down those dead trees down to size as dead trees can be dangerous.  We did not want them falling on ours or our neighbours' houses!  Very grateful to our neighbours, strangers and our tree cutting team for cleaning up and making things go so smoothly.

Next Sunday and Monday, as Canadians celebrate Thanksgiving, we should have a grateful heart.   I am grateful for big things and little things.  One of my favourite Christian hymns called, "Count Your Blessings", says, "Count your blessings name them one by one.  Count your blessings see what God has done."  That song makes me not want to take people for granted, not to take things for granted, not to take my friends for granted, not to take my health for granted, not to take my job for granted.  I have bad days too when I am just worn out and feeling down.  I have said to one of my co-workers, watch out when I am "in the mood" -- it's NOT a good mood.  But, I get over it.  I am so grateful for co-workers -- I really, really mean it.  There are days when I don't feel like getting out of bed because I'm sore or tired or ill.   But, on most days, I am glad to get out of bed and go to work.  My co-workers are amazing people!  Several of them are also on my KaTsZoNe mailing list which means I also consider them my good friends!  Thank God for good friends!

I have developed friendships over the years and these days, I may not see my friends quite as often, but, we still communicate from time to time.  I appreciate the funny and inspiring emails, texts, "tweets", Facebook messages, etc. that I exchange with my friends.  My friends, you have often made me smile when I really needed some cheering up.  I would forward those funny and inspiring emails onward, and another friend would be lifted up.  It has happened over and over again.  I am grateful for THE INTERNET!

I am also pleased to be able to bring you the KaTsZoNe calendar, www.katszone.com/page/page/6673173.htm which has been
updated to December!  I hope you will check out the calendar which includes events in Toronto and the GTA or singles and families!  If you would like me to include an event, please let me know. 

At the end of September and into the first couple days of October, I had writer's block.  To be honest, I was quite addicted to playing Word Mole on my Blackberry!  Anyway, I think the writer's block has ended when I started talking about my friends and thanksgiving then I just can't stop!

I just want to give you ALL a great big HUG!!!




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