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By Katherine Kiang
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1 Apr 2012

Hi everyone,

We've made it to spring and in Toronto, we even had a few days of summer, but, after getting a bit sunburned, I'm glad it's back to spring again, even felt like winter again.  The birds may be confused as many of them chirped happily in my neighbourhood, then, suddenly -9C - no chirps! Poor birds.  I think humans became more quiet too! But, enough about the wacky weather.

March was certainly funfilled as I started the month, as many of you know, with attending the PDAC convention.  Did you see me on Business News Network (BNN) on tv by any chance?  Just kidding.  BNN was televising their shows live at the convention.  Glad I could see some of their episodes online and also gave me a chance to check whether I happened to be walking by at the time of they were filming.  It's good to have BNN for another reason, as friends and I had the perfect meeting spot!

PDAC is a great place to educate my investor's mind and indulge my love for rocks and even rock candy chocolates!  I finally asked an exhibitor where to find those realistic looking rocks and to my delight, I found the vendor near my workplace (Sugar Mountain).  I had to share those treats with my co-workers.  Don't you love those extra little things you pick up at a conference and exhibition?  I also picked up the Periodic Table of elements on mouse pads and laminated sheets, so now, two of my friends (who happen to be KaTsZoNe readers) and I are trying to memorize two elements a day, in order of atomic numbers - so, we're up to 22 now.  We all took Chemistry in high school so it's bringing back memories - no, we don't have rocks in our heads! It's just for fun and along the way, we find out what the elements may be used for, and where they can be found.  I hope that it will help me make better investment decisions, whether it is in mining companies or other types of companies.

If you have not read about my experience at the PDAC convention for this year, go to www.katszone.com/articles/article/2707847/163610.htm.  Think you'll find other valuable insights rather than just finding cool chocolates! Lol.

Two weeks after PDAC, Larry and I went to see one of our favourite bands, Van Halen at the Air Canada Centre (ACC).  It happened to be St. Patrick's Day that day, so, had to celebrate with a little green - Laura Secord's French mint chocolates wrapped in green seemed the way to go! Lol.  Some of the VH audience wore green hats and outfits to get into the spirit of things. I thought I might see some green beer being consumed, but, no.  You could have seen me sipping beer through a straw and wearing orange earplugs looking officially young and silly!  No pictures -- please! 

What a trip back to the 80's! 
Van Halen's opening act was Kool and the Gang.  Lots of fun!  I was really happy to be home at a not too unreasonable hour, since the next day, Larry and I had planned to attend the Spring Motorcycle  Show at the International Centre (by the airport).

Larry and I missed the Spring show last year, so, it's nice to go this year.  We usually go to the January show. It's great to see lots of people ride to the show when the weather is nice.  Take a look at my photos at https://picasaweb.google.com/katszone/SpringInternationalMotorcycleShowMarch2012?authkey=Gv1sRgCO2ijtSFuaq7rAE.

Before I conclude, I just wanted to add one more thought.  The Federal Conservatives just announced their federal budget and one of the things which has caused a lot of chatter is their plan to stop making pennies.  It reminds me of an episode I wrote called "See a Penny..." back in October, 2008.  I thought I would add my two cents and now, I give all of you the opportunity to read it again at www.katszone.com/articles/article/2707847/110573.htm.  Let me just say, I received several comments after sharing that with readers.  Here's the latest article from CBC News about how "The penny's days are numbered" at http://news.ca.msn.com/top-stories/the-pennys-days-are-numbered.  Comments about getting rid of the penny, anyone?

That's it for now.  I hope that April brings you fresh beginnings and perhaps, do some spring cleaning!  Before long, summer will arrive.  It's been a crazy ordeal for me, dealing with psoriasis this past season, so, I am really looking forward to more sunshine vitamins as an effective natural remedy!




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