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By Katherine Kiang
KaTsZoNe Newsletters > KaTsZoNe - Issue 95 - A Wonderful Life

2 Dec 2012

Hi everyone,

Here we are at the end of another year.  I like looking back at the past year -- not always nice and smooth, but, it's good to look back and be thankful for another year.

I just finished watching the classic movie, "It's a Wonderful Life".  The main character, George Bailey, struggled with missing money from his financial institution -- $8,000.  George did not tell his wife and kids what had happened.  He came home angry and complained about what they did and about everything.  After a huge blow up, George left the house. 
Reluctantly, George begged Mr. Potter, for a loan.  Mr. Potter was a mean, crooked man who knew he was not liked.  Mr. Potter even asked George why he did not go to another man for money.  George did go to another man but had not received a reply yet.  Mr. Potter asked asked what George could put up as collateral, and the only thing George said he had was a life insurance policy for $15,000.  It was actually worth $500.  But, of course, George would have to die before that life insurance policy would be worth $15,000, and, Mr. Potter laughed and said to George, "You're worth more dead than alive."

I don't know about you, but, there are times in my life when I have felt so low that I questioned my purpose in life.  What have I accomplished?  What good have I done in this world?  Have I made a difference in this world?  Have I made anyone's life better?  What is my life worth?

George Bailey left Mr. Potter's office in a depressed and desperate state.  With the life insurance policy in his pocket, he wandered to a local bar.  He had a drink and began to pray, asking God to help him.  Just after he finished praying, suddenly BAM!  George was confronted by a man who punched him in the jaw because George had insulted his wife on the phone.  George was reeling and wondered out loud, was that the answer he got for praying?  He left the bar probably in a worse state than before, and as if things could not get any worse, he ended up crashing his car into a tree because of the heavy snowfall.
  He got out and started to walk towards a bridge.  Unbeknownst to this husband and father, an angel named Clarence stood nearby.  Clarence knew that George was contemplating suicide.  The quick-thinking angel without wings quickly jumped into the water below and yelled for help.  George immediately saw the struggling man and jumped in to save him.

Sometimes when we think we are drowning in our sorrows, suddenly, someone who needs help may come along.  We forget about our own troubles and try and help him or her.  It turns out that we are rescued when we try to help someone else.  They are our angels.

We realize that it was Clarence's quick action which saved George.  Clarence told George that he jumped into the water, hoping that George would try to save him and thus his own life would be saved.  Clarence, who was an angel SC2 (or angel second class), did not have wings yet, but, he hoped that by helping George Bailey, he would receive wings.  George was not going to be an easy "case".  But, when he uttered his wish that he had never been born, Clarence got the okay from above and made George's wish come true.  Instantly, George Bailey no longer existed.  What was once Bedford Falls was now Pottersville -- named after the ghastly Mr. Potter whom George had begged  for a loan.  The druggist was a homeless person who had been to jail for 20 years, instead of the respectable druggist in town.  George's brother, Harry, died in a childhood accident because George did not exist and could not save him, instead of being a war hero who saved many lives overseas.  No good homes for families had been built because George did not fund them.  George's wife, Mary, would have remained single librarian with no happy children in existence. 

As George ran through town, he saw the unhappy friends he had and the horrible state things were in.  When he finally ran back to the bridge, he wished for his life back again.  He wish became true.  George Bailey was so ecstatic to be alive, he ran through town wishing everyone a "Merry Christmas", including Mr. Potter.  When he finally reached home, he saw several men waiting in his living room -- one man with an arrest warrant for the missing $8,000, but, George was happy!  His wife and kids were his again.  While he was away, his wife, Mary, called George's uncle and when everyone in town heard that George needed help, they came to his house and gave whatever monies they could give.  Piles of money came flooding in from friends and neighbours.  Just one more man whom George had asked for help, sent a telegram offering $25,000 -- which was more than what was owed.  Someone in the house yelled at George, "You're the richest man in town!"  George was beaming.  Imagine if he had taken his own life just because of $8,000, and not know that there were people willing to help. 

No matter how horrible the EVENTS of our lives may be, our lives our wonderful.  Ask someone who almost lost his or her life.  In fact, just ask me.  I've had my share of brushes with death.  Sometimes, I feel like an ungrateful person to be complaining about my life.  Suddenly, BAM!!!  A brush with death or a wonderful reminder like a movie called, "It's A Wondeful Life", comes along.  That's when I realize that:

The EVENTS in your life may be be awful, but remember that YOUR LIFE is WONDERFUL!!!

It's great to be alive, my friends!  Remember that you have touched other lives by your mere existence and just the fact that you are not living has a hermit, I am so sure of it!  And, if you are are on my KaTsZoNe mailing list, that means you have touched my life in a special way.  I hope I have also done something good for you.

Thanks for hanging out with me for another episode of KaTsZoNe.  Checking out for the year -- not checking out of this world!  By the way, don't listen to the Mayan end of the world stuff -- supposedly happening on December 21, 2012 at 11:11 UTC.  If it's the first time you've heard of it, can't be that important.  So, make those doctor's appointments and go for a manicure.  Take a free trip around the sun!  Enjoy life!

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Holidays!



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