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By Katherine Kiang
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1 Apr 2013

Hi everyone,

Glad you could join me for another episode of KaTsZoNe! 

Those of you who have managed to weather all the snow storms in Canada and in the U.S., hope we will welcome more warmer, snow-free and ice-free days very, very soon!  Let's not get too hasty to barbecue our friends, the groundhogs - they've done their best.  Hope they will be more accurate next year!

Thought I would share a couple lessons from the past month. 

I had a problem with my bathtub drain for awhile, which had cleared relatively easily after some Liquid Plumber and hot water.  But, a bigger clog was building up.  The drains from my kitchen and the washroom sink are all connected with the same drain as my bathtub, so, whenever water flowed through the pipes, I would hear loud gurgling sounds -- if it was human, it sounded like gas and indigestion!  My showers ended up with inches of water floating in the tub.  Then, I wondered, where is our plunger?  I have not seen that thing in a very long time.  We have not needed it for awhile, but, my recollection was, something had broken and we threw it out but figured, we would not replace it until we really needed a new one.  Well, after speaking to my friend, Irene, she said, I had to get out there and get a new plunger.  There are so many models of plungers at Canadian Tire, ranging from $3 range to almost $30.  All I wanted was an old fashioned, smooth plunger with good suction.  Happy to say that after a bit of Liquid Plumber and an old-fashioned plunger, several hours later, I heard the loudest noise coming from my bathtub drain that was louder than anything I had heard before.  It sounded like a T. rex dinosaur devouring its dinner - kind of scary!  I did not realize, at the time, what had actually happened.  Later, when I went to take a shower, I realized that the clog was totally gone!  No more strange sounds gurgling and rumbling from my drain pipes! Hooray!

My clogged drain led me to think about life and a lesson I have learned, which I hope might help you, when the time comes. 

It is a good idea to make sure we do not allow clogs to build up in our pipes, and certainly, that also means examining our spiritual, mental, emotional and physical health on a regular basis.  What have we been afraid of since childhood which still remains and causes us to be stuck in a place in our life, preventing us to move forward?  Why can't we be involved in healthy, long-term relationships - is it something that has clogged our psyche or emotional ducts that prevents us from experiencing a healthy, joyful and loving relationship?  Why can't we experience a blessed, joyful, fulfilling relationship with God - did something or someone cause us pain that we cannot forget and forgive?  What artificial ingredients are we filling our bodies with since our youth - are they polluting and clogging our colon, intestines, or arteries which could lead to illnesses and diseases?

The plunger is one of the most effective tools in unclogging the toilet and drains.  Wouldn't it be great if we had something similar which could unclog all the "stuff" in our lives which may cause us a lot of damage? 

I was reminded of some of the "stuff" I have tried to forget for years when I happened to bump into an old friend, Grace, a couple weeks ago.  I met Grace over 28 years ago in church.  She invited me to a women's group meeting at her current church and I unloaded to this group of strangers rather unexpectedly.  I thought I had let go of some very uncomfortable and painful feelings from over a decade ago, but, that night, I knew I still have not had that breakthrough.  I still have a clog and have simply tried to avoid it. 

We have all lived through challenges in life.  Some of you may have overcome those obstacles and blocks - I would love to know how you did it.  Some are still struggling and working through your problems and challenges which has stuck with you for years and you are unable to find a solution.  Some are trying to avoid having to deal with the problems, hoping they will miraculously resolve itself without any effort.

One of the ways in which I have tried to work through problems is through praying and believing in God.  Whether it's coping with my mom's health problems and my own health problems, resolving a clogged drain, trying to manage my finances, finding help with car problems, or helping a friend, in all these things, I know I can pray to the Lord and believe that He will help me in all aspects of my life. 

I often pray for many of you as well - when you have lost a loved one, when your parents are ill, when you need to find a new car, when you are going to have a baby, when you need a spiritual blessing - yes, in all those things and more, I believe that I can do my part and pray for you.

Whatever you need to resolve in your life, I hope that you will be blessed with a breakthrough.  Whatever is clogging your path to a healthier life, I hope that you will find the right tool and plunge away!  If you are totally inspired to pick up a plunger, I would love to hear about your victories!  I have attached a photo of my bear, Clara, armed with a plunger, so,
if you are inspired to send me a photo of yourself armed with a plunger, GO FOR IT! 

I hope you will have a fabulous month ahead.  I look forward to communicating with you in the month of May -- it will be the 100th issue/episode of KaTsZoNe!  Can't believe I've made it this far!  If you have a favourite episode, please share with me and let me know if I can include your comments in May's issue.  You can go through a list of all the issues of KaTsZoNe at www.katszone.com/newsletter.html. 

As always, thanks for reading and hanging out with me for another month.  Hope to hear from from some of you about this month's issue and don't forget, let me know if you have a favourite past issue or episode which I can mention in May's 100th issue of KaTsZoNe!  Please feel free to make comments in the Comments section of KaTsZoNe (see link below).  If you are on my mailing list, please feel free to respond to my email.  If you are reading KaTsZoNe on my website, feel free to email me at katherine@katszone.com.  Thanks so much!



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