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By Katherine Kiang
KaTsZoNe Newsletters > KaTsZoNe - Issue 106 - Our Biggest Fears

1 Nov 2013

Hi everyone,

I started writing this episode of KaTsZoNe on Halloween.  I have been watching several t.v. programs and watching people scare others and also being scared in haunted houses.  Fears are not limited to just monsters, ghosts, vampires and zombies.  On the new CTV program, The Social, the four hosts of the show had to do the following:  handle a tarantula, eat a bug, handle a snake (or allow it to crawl around her neck) and put her hand in a "mystery" box (which turned out really harmless).  This just creeped the audience out, as I am sure they identified with those same fears.

What are some of the fears we have noticed throughout our lives?  How were we able to overcome them, or have we been able to overcome them?  Can we be free of all fears in our lifetime?

Let's go back in time.  Imagine when we were babies.  What were our biggest fears?  Those who are parents, what do you think are/were your babies biggest fears? 

1.  Being in pain - from teething, or from illness;
2.  Not being able to find a favourite blanket or stuffed animals;
3.  Big animals, like a pet dog, hovering overhead;
4.  Loud unknown noise;
5.  Not being able to find mommy or daddy.

As we get older, kids and teens may be afraid of things which may carry on into adulthood:

1.    Not having good friends;
2.    Not being accepted for who we really are;
3.    Being bullied;
4.    Having our possessions taken away or break down - which may be why we don't have just one t.v., phone, or 

5.    Not having what other people have - things, good looks, popularity, or
6.    Failing at school or work - not getting recognition, promotions, a good salary;
7.    Not getting respect;
8.    Getting ripped off - things and services we purchase;
9.    Not being able to pay for food, rent, bills, student loans, etc.;
10.  Being in poor health which can immobilize us;
11.  Invasion of privacy - in our homes, on the internet, etc.
12.  Being physically abused;
13.  Terrorist attacks;

14.  Dying/death.

AND ... of course, poisonous snakes and spiders, eating bugs, and whatever we cannot see ... like ghosts, goblins, Mr. Sandman, the Boogeyman, zombies, werewolves, demons and vampires!  I apologize to any and all other bad ass creatures whom I have unintentionally left out.

I'm sure there are more fears I have not mentioned, but, I just wanted to acknowledge some "common" fears which could prevent us from doing what we want with our lives.

I believe that knowledge is power.  And, when we become more knowledgeable, this almost always calms our fears.  The trick is, not gaining more knowledge that scares us even more!  If my fear of zombies was once limited to movies, but if by learning more about them, I end up getting nightmares all the time and I cannot leave my house, that is not helpful to me!  I think I need to talk to some zombies -- I mean, I need to be re-assured that I will not be so terrified by them, or I suppose I could try and turn them into vegetarians!  We have the power to make decisions and change the way we deal with our fears - whether it's zombies, terrorists, snakes or anything else.

Some of us find comfort in our faith.  There are many things we fear which we cannot simply read about.  I know it is possible to have peace, comfort, wisdom and strength through prayer.  For me, if I go a day without prayer, I probably would not leave my house.  I do have fears, but, I choose not to be bound by them.  I must nibble them bit by bit -- tackling a big piece of caramel brownie is tough and scary!  Tackling a mortgage or student debt all at once is too scary! 

We can learn from kids who are not too shy to ask for help.  Sometimes, kids really want to do things themselves.  It may take longer than if they received help, but, that's okay.  They learn from doing it themselves.  But, there are times when they reach out for help.  Tackling scary stuff with a little help can lessen the anxiety.  I hope we can all overcome our fears and be able to flourish through tough times.  We need to have a good support system of family and friends to help us deal with the scary "monsters" in our lives.  For many problems we cannot manage, we may have to reach out to professionals.  For demons, contact a professional exorcist.  For debt and money management, contact a financial planner.  I actually watched programs about both this past week!

And now, I want to switch gears, take you away from the topic of fears and talk about what I am looking forward to.  Now that Halloween has come and gone, the next big holiday is Christmas.  For some of you, it may be Hanukkah or Diwali or other cultural/religious holidays.  Whatever we are celebrating, we are probably looking forward to spending time with families and close friends.

I am looking forward to the 91st Royal Agricultural Winter Fair which starts this weekend and runs till November 10th.  I love the giant vegetables and butter sculpture competitions, visiting all the farm animals, listening to the cattle auction, food sampling, and shopping!  I am always intrigued by the busy bees making honey and was introduced to bee pollen at the fair which I have been eating for years especially during colds season because it does help.  The dog show is also a real treat and you don't have to be a dog lover to enjoy the free show which is included with admission.  [www.royalfair.org/]

For me, the annual tradition of having Christmas Afternoon Tea at the King Edward Hotel is back!  This year, I am looking forward to having tea with nine lovely ladies.  It's also a great opportunity to go Christmas shopping with my friend, Marleen, before tea.  December should be fun and busy!

The new Ripleys Aquarium is now open in downtown Toronto beside the CN Tower.  I hope to check it out soon!  Anyone afraid of sharks?  This would be a nice, safe place to see them.  I'm sure there's lots to see and learn about sharks and other sea creatures at the aquarium.  [www.ripleyaquariums.com/canada/]

I'll be back in December to report about events and places I attend.  Who knows - maybe I'll conquer some of my fears too!  No, I won't tell you what they are -- yet.  Well, one hint, if I hear the theme song from the movie, Jaws, it makes me want to run and hide!  You'll have to read December's KaTsZoNe!  Stay tuned!



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