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By Katherine Kiang
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1 Apr 2014

Hi everyone,

Thanks for joining me for another episode of KaTsZoNe!

On March 8, 2014, Malaysia Airline MH370 went missing en route from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to Beijing, China.  After three weeks, the plane has not been found and the circumstances surrounding its disappearance remains a mystery.  It is believed that all 239 lives (crew and passengers) have been lost.

Two weeks later, on March 22nd, a major mudslide in Oso, Washington, USA, has, as of March 30th, claimed at least 18 lives (confirmed), and at least 10 other lives are also lost.  Thirty people remain missing and unaccounted for.  [ref. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Washington_mudslide]

Whenever i hear stories from people who have lost a loved one, especially in an unexpected manner, it makes me feel uneasy and sad.  I have felt the pain after losing both parents.  And, I have always struggled to find meaning in life after they passed.  It seems my life is never the same afterwards.  No doubt, those who have lost loved ones on Flight MH370 and in the Oso, Washington mudslide will also never be the same again.

Have you ever wondered why it can be so upsetting and devastating when it comes to losing a person in our life?  We may feel a loss when we split from a partner/spouse.  A mother may feel a great loss after giving up a baby for adoption.  Parents may feel like they have lost a child when they move away from home.  Losing objects and things like a wallet or cell phone can also upset us and when they are found, we are so relieved and happy!

The Bible mentions three stories about loss: The Parable of the Lost (Prodigal) Son, the Parable of the Missing Coin and The Parable of the Lost Sheep.  The Prodigal Son is a son who took his inheritance and left his father's house.  After years of striving and following his own desires and squandering his inheritance, he lost everything.  He, then, returned to his father's house.  Seems like the first time we hear about a "boomerang kid".  Then, there is the Parable of the Lost Coin which describes the joy of the owner of the coin when she finds the one missing silver coin out of the ten she owned.  She was thrilled to find that valuable possession.  Likewise, the story of the Lost Sheep was mentioned by Jesus, about a shepherd leaving his 99 sheep to find the one which is lost.  [ref. The Parable of the Lost Son-Luke 15:11-32; The Parable of the Lost Coin-Luke 15:8-10; The Parable of the Lost Sheep-Luke 15:1-7)

In the stories with a spiritual lesson, the father, the woman and the shepherd describe the heart of God.  When we are spiritually lost, God will search for us to bring us back to Him.  We are valuable to Him.  He is so happy and excited when we return back to the fold.  If you have experienced loss, then, you are much closer to understanding how God feels about those He loves who are spiritually lost. 

If there is anything I wish we could do without, I wish we lacked the ability to feel anguish and pain.  It is so sad and heartbreaking seeing family members awaiting for news about their loved ones who may be lost forever.  As long as the plane cannot be found, many still cling to hope for miracles.  For me, I saw my parents laid to rest at the cemetery and had some closure about their deaths, even though on some days, I still cannot believe they are gone.  I most certainly would not handle it well if my loved ones were missing on MH370 or in the Washington state mudslide.  The uncertainty of the fate of loved ones is unsettling and painful.  If the only relief is for the lost to be found, I am not sure how we could continue to live.  

Because of the anguish and pain when we feel a loss, I believe that FAITH and HOPE are two of the most powerful possessions that we have within us to pull us out of the deepest pit in our soul.  FAITH and HOPE lie within all of us, but, we need to pull them out and exercise them
as we encounter problems, difficulties and struggles in life.  Even if we are surrounded by love and compassion from people, it may temporarily soothe the pain, but, love alone is not enough. 

I pray that those who are still awaiting news about their missing loved ones will be able to have closure on their loss.  Three weeks seems like a lengthy period of time for answers for those of us who have been following the news of the missing plane, so, I am sure it has been an eternity for those who had loved ones on the plane.  As the world continues to follow this mystery and continues to search for MH370, I hope and pray that those who are waiting for news about the fate of their loved ones will find the strength to carry on and can be at peace. 

Spring is the season of new life, hope and renewal and perhaps, new sandals?  I know, it may seem that I am trying to rush the coming of summer when I mention sandals, but, I am sure I am not the only one anxious for warm and hot weather! 

May we all experience new beginnings, renewed strength and good health! 


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