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By Katherine Kiang
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1 Aug 2014

Hi everyone,

Hard to believe but it is the last month of summer.  I am trying not to cry about how short summer seems to be.  I cannot complain about the weather we've had.  For some of you, it may not be hot enough!  For me, I love having mid 20 degree Celsius temperatures and only a handful of days with humidity and above 30 degree Celsius temperatures here in Toronto. 

In last month's episode of KaTsZoNe, I mentioned that I would be heading to Sudbury after Canada Day.  I did not make it there. I changed my mind at the last minute. Instead, I stayed in town and spent some time with my nephew and his wife.  We went shopping - seems I am not the only one in the family who enjoys it!  We went to the Whitby Ribfest and also to Ajax Downs!  The Ontario Lottery Corporation had a booth at Ribfest and we spun a wheel and won small prizes to be cashed at Ajax Downs.  They succeeded in getting us out to Ajax Downs and we played the prizes we received!  At some point, I would love to see some horse racing, which would be a bit of a change from the car races I have attended.  Speaking of which, I did not attend the Honda Indy Toronto in July.  After several years, I decided not to attend these past couple years. It doesn't mean I will not be attending other car events and races.  Larry and I plan to go to Sauble Beach this month and we are looking forward to seeing lots of classic cars and hopefully attend some races at the Sauble Speedway!

I wanted to talk about creating a Bucket List this month, as inspired by the movie, The Bucket List (2007), starring Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman.  Although the movie came out in 2007, I had not heard of it until this year when Larry and I picked up the DVD.  Nicholson plays Edward, a billionaire, who meets Carter (played by Freeman) in a hospital.  The two men are diagnosed with terminal cancer.  Carter makes a wish list of things to do before he "kicks the bucket" (dies) but when he is given less than a year to live, he tosses it out.  Edward finds the list and adds to it, and convinces Carter to fulfil their wish list.  Edward funds their trip around the world in order to fulfill their wishes.

In the past couple decades, I have written out my one-year, five-year and ten-year goals.  I made lists of things I wanted to do in different areas of my life.  After watching the film, The Bucket List, I thought it was time to change things.  I wanted to create my Bucket List without any timelines.  I would attempt to do it as soon as possible.  Many people say that they would like to do specific things when they retire.  Sadly, they may not make it to 55 or 65.  For me, creating a Bucket List is more useful.  No more excuses, no more procrastinating.  Decide and just do it!

We need to put our Bucket List in writing.  Years ago, I read about making a list of "27 Things To Do Before I Die" -- essentially, that was a Bucket List.  I had read about someone who did it, and suggested that we put the list in writing and put it on a wall or fridge, look at it every day or very regularly, and carry that list in our pocket or wallet.  The idea was to look at our goals regularly if we truly wanted to accomplish it.  I have since decided that a list of 27 was is too much for me.  I have already accomplished some of the things on my list but am now working on revising it.  Although I have not completed my Bucket List at this time, just thinking about it has allowed me to make some decisions in life.  In life, we simply cannot say yes to everything - not sure if you would agree, but, at each birthday, I think that my years are numbered.  We have to decide what is most meaningful to us.  We have to consider what we our passionate about and as well, to consider what legacy we wish to leave in this world and to our future generations.  It's not easy to say no to projects, career opportunities and to people who are close to us.  I think having a Bucket List will allow us to look at our lives and do some "spring cleaning" on a regular basis. 

Life is too short to not live the way I want to live and do what I want to do or be who I want to be with.  In the past month, we have heard of more plane crashes.  Stories have emerged about lives which were cut short too soon.  Why didn't the aspiring young doctor survive and live out his lifelong dream?  Why did a woman lose her husband and children when she was expecting another child?  Why did a newlywed and newcomer to Canada hoping to live a better life in Canada die after being run over by a bus?  So, why do we want to create a Bucket List?  It matters because we need a purpose for our lives as we could be like those who lost their's prematurely.  Just aspiring for something, even if one's life was cut short, is purpose.

One of the things on my Bucket List is travelling to specific countries.  Years ago, I thought I would travel to specific countries, but then, my perspective about travel changed.  I don't know exactly when that happened.  I decided that I would travel in order to visit family or friends or to spend time with them on a journey to a destination.  A journey means, I did not necessarily want to see a particular place, I simply wanted to spend time with someone.  That's why it was easy for me to change my mind about going to Sudbury because it was not important enough for my Bucket List.  I may still travel there one day, but last month, it was not meant to be.  There is nowhere in this world that is so important for me to visit at this point in my life.  I am open to new experiences and visiting new places, but, in the overall scheme of things in life, as I have read on a post on Facebook, "People are more important than things."

Even though it's the eighth month of the year, I am going to work on my Bucket List.  No New Year's resolutions, no five-year or ten-year goals.  It's time to have purpose, leave a legacy in this world and live the life I want to live right now and I wish the same for all of you! 

Enjoy August!  I look forward to coming back in September. 

Take care and safe travels!


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