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By Katherine Kiang
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8 May 2015

I must have been around 17 or 18 when I began a summer job as a summer-student for the Ministry of Government Services. I was working in the office of the Assistant Deputy Minister, earning money over the summer to pay for my University tuition.

It was the first full-time job I had and I was intimidated, not sure what to expect. I did a lot of the side jobs; photocopying, shredding, making/getting coffee, filing, etc. The first day I spent almost half the day in the print room, learning to use the photo-copier and printing file after file.

The Copy Room was shared by the Legal Offices and others from that floor. People would come in and out of the room constantly to use the machine. I met a lot of people that day with the constant in and out.

I remember Katherine specifically, I remember her kind face, infectious smile and bright spirit. She came into the room giggling, introduced herself and almost already knew who I was, “You’re Angelo’s daughter, right?” My Father also worked on the same floor and helped to get me an interview at the time.

I felt her warm soul instantly and couldn’t help but feel uplifted by her presence and eased into my new work environment. I couldn’t help but think how warm the environment and people were.

Every time I would pass Katherine in the hall, bathroom or elevator, she would greet me with a great smile.  I couldn’t get over her warmth! Sometimes when I would be walking down the hall, I could hear her laughing or giggling from the other side which would provoke a smile on my face and I would feel joyous in expectation of seeing her and her smiling face. Her bright soul was so obvious.

She helped to make my stay at the Government warm and memorable. What’s more, is that even after all of these years, she continues to warm my spirit from afar with her love and care for myself and my family’s struggles. Katherine truly warms my heart and is a very special individual.

It is people like her that help to restore my faith in the world and its abilities. She reminds me that divinity is the true self of man. Our spiritual DNA is perfect, we have been created and molded in perfection by our Creator with our ultimate and utmost purpose to be that of love. When we are being and sharing love, we are living as our truest most authentic selves, shining as brightly as ever possible which is required for the unfolding of the divine purpose of the universe; really just God’s ultimate plan and purpose for us as human beings.

Thanks Kat for bearing my name and being the shining example we can all look towards. Thanks also for having the courage and strength to follow your dreams and your heart’s innermost passion. Her actions teach us true purpose of soul; which is to make a life vs. make a living.

I am grateful to have you in my life!

Love and Healing Blessings,




MY STORY - By Katerina Baboulas

There are always silver linings and blessings to life’s challenges!!

Up until 23 yrs of age, I was a high-functioning, over-achiever, athlete with a large social life who was also gifted as a child. I was involved in the Greek community in Toronto, ON (Vice-President of External Affairs of the Hellenic Student Association at York University), helped to organize Greek social events for students, volunteered at my local church on a regular basis, played competitive soccer, was pre-med and majoring in Biochemistry, until I fell very ill. At 3 years of age, I spoke of being a doctor without having any real way or knowledge to know what it was or what it meant. I had my own ‘doctors kit’ and would check reflexes along with heart rate and blood pressure. I spoke my dream aloud my entire life, was determined and ready to enter and finally begin living my dream when I fell seriously ill.


My illness started off as GI symptoms (nausea, diarrhea, vomiting) and progressed into something much more severe with time. I basically went from totally normal, to totally bedridden and wheelchair bound within 6 months. One day, while eating lunch I blacked out into my plate and became unconscious as I fell onto the floor. When I came too, I found myself slurring my words and unable to move or lift myself up off the floor.  I was wheeled into the ER with my head between my legs and honestly thought I was going to die. Not able to leave my bed or feed myself, I desperately tried to search for help.  I went from doctor to doctor, hospital to hospital, and was told I had everything from depression, to cancer, to a fatal heart condition. What was worse than what I was facing, was the way I was being treated by the conventional healthcare system.  I was kicked out of many practices, as no doctor wanted to be liable for my condition that was quickly deteriorating. I finally decided to gather all my test results and research myself with whatever brain and focus I could muster, using the background knowledge in biochemistry that I had. I stumbled on the diagnosis of "Chronic Fatigue Syndrome" CFS or "Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome", CFIDS, characterized by severe fatigue, neurologic weakness, insomnia, and systemic muscle/joint pain.  This diagnosis seemed to 'fit the bill' but no one was searching for what was causing  the fatigue and neurological weakness. Who could I find that could possibly diagnose me? Treat me?

After a lot more research I came across books written by physicians who had the disease and who had recovered which pointed to chronic infections and toxicity being the underlying causes. I realized that during the time I developed my illness, I was working in a lab as a Biochemist and exposed to heavy metals, mold, viruses and various microbes. Subsequently, I began to test as immunodeficient and began picking up each and every infection, until my immunity stopped being able to respond all together. After exhausting every Canadian possibility, and either being turned away or simply offered no help, I soon found myself in the U.S. where doctors were treating this condition. I flew out to L.A. to be treated, while laying across 3 seats on a plane and on oxygen, only intending on staying for 10 days but ended up sicker and stranded for over 6 months.  It is there that I received the diagnosis of "Lyme Disease" that would soon change my life. Lyme disease is transmitted by ticks (small insects) of which carry with them a variety of other infections as well, deemed 'co-infections'. Lyme is but one bacterial stealth-like infection that is transmitted through the tick. I was put on I.V. antibiotics of which, in my weakened state, I simply could not tolerate. The I.V. antibiotics put my liver into a coma and almost killed me. 10 days quickly became 6 months of stay as I simply was too sick to fly home.



I soon realized that conventional medicine was not the total answer and what was happening was beyond Lyme. The reason that a Lyme diagnosis is controversial and many times even denied, is that many people are bitten by ticks and not all develop severe symptoms or problems. This is where I found that immunity and the person’s current terrain or health state is of crucial importance to be able to understand why the severe downward health spiral happens. This is when I also understood why this illness is highly politicized, where the Canadian government will not acknowledge chronic cases of Lyme or these type of fatigue related syndromes. The ignorance and lack of acknowledgement from Canada’s health system had forced my family to mortgage our home in order to afford treatment and pay for answers to doctors versed in this type of healthcare. At one point, we almost lost our home and became bankrupt if not for my extended family stepping in to throw fundraisers that would help to keep us afloat financially.

I found myself travelling around North America to get answers to my health problems where at one point I was at a clinic in Seattle. While sitting in the IV room, I began chatting with patients and realized that 80% of them were not only Canadian but from Toronto, my home town.

As I found that there were other components causing the immune suppression like those of my lab exposures, answers started to come to the forefront as I was diagnosed with frequent bowel and stomach infections, heavy metal poisoning, systemic candidiasis, nutritional deficiencies, malabsorption, dental cavitations, genetic defects resulting in an impaired ability to detoxify or excrete efficiently and also genetic susceptibility to mold illness among other things. There were some nights that I slept outside in my backyard in a tent in order to avoid the mold that had tested high in my home.     

During this time tremendous changes were happening within my family. There was a paradigm shift where my parents and brothers longed to also make healthy lifestyle changes. This resulted in my little brother Nick Baboulas changing his entire career path. Nick and I studied at University together, where I was studying Biochemistry, pre-medical program and Nick was majoring in Pharmaceutical Chemistry. He ended up working within drug discovery but after seeing drugs destroy my body, his philosophy of healing shifted as I watched him lose his passion for drugs, not chemistry. He decided to go into Naturopathic Medicine and after a 4 yr program, he recently graduated as a Naturopathic Doctor (ND) and has opened his practice - Eirini Healing Solutions here in Toronto, ON (www.eirinihealingsolutions.ca)


After all the different treatments, experiences, failures, successes and even 100's of thousands of dollars we have spent to learn and get to the level of knowledge and consciousness over the last several years dealing with my health issues, Dr Baboulas is ready to give back and provide real care to those suffering by using our experiences for the greatest good of humanity, providing real solutions and care for those in need.

Jerry, my older brother was opening a Salon business with his fiancée Lina at the time. They felt dishonest and troubled by providing hair services to their clients using chemical based dyes and toxic hair products. This prompted them to shift their consciousness where they found it their responsibility to provide safe hair alternatives to health conscious consumers seeking to look well without the expense of risking or sacrificing their health. Tranzitions Organic and Vegan Hair Salon was then born - www.tranzitions.ca