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By Katherine Kiang
KaTsZoNe Newsletters > KaTsZoNe - Issue 128 - Success is a journey, not a destination

11 Feb 2016

Hi everyone,

Although it is February, I think it is still timely to wish all of you a Happy New Year!  I hope the beginning of 2016 is going well for all of you.

I am glad to have had a chance this past Christmas and January, 2016 to meet some of my family and friends.  It's not always easy to juggle schedules, but, I still hope to meet my good friends and family for the rest of the year.

My topic for this episode of KaTsZoNe is called "Success is a journey, not a destination."  I have heard this phrase decades ago and loved it.  It has made me think about its meaning throughout my adult life.  Every job I chose, every organization I joined, every donation I made, every time I spent time with my parents, every trip I took, every road I drove on, every time I met a friend, every praise and thank you I received from people I knew or from strangers, I would ask, is it important that I am successful at something in particular or is the journey more important in the whole grand scheme of things in my life or in the lives of others?

As many of you know, since getting a car in 2014, I have taken lots of road trips, particularly during the spring, summer and fall.  However, because of the mild winter this year, I am out there, with snow tires, still making road trips.  Just recently, I was heading home from Ajax on Taunton Road which turns into Steeles Avenue East.  It was snowing and raining and icy in certain areas.  Taunton Road between Ajax and Toronto has lots of winding parts.  I remember flying over a big bump the first time and thought, ouch!  I'll have to remember that the next time!  My car was probably thinking, ouch, my suspension!  Well, I had to do that trip again and I still went flying over that bump in the road the second time but this time, I tried to remember that it was heading westbound, just west of 9th Line.  Third time, I caught it!  And, not that I can claim success for anything significant, but, at least I could say that I did not go flying over the bump the third time.  I love repeating certain routes and remembering them, so, if it's late at night and the weather is not great, I appreciate the challenge.

Another route I like to take is on Guelph Line, and then Highway 7 which goes through Acton, Georgetown, and eventually it turns into 16th Avenue, Richmond Hill, which I am well familiar with, near my house.  I once drove on Guelph Line when it was snowing and it was pitch black.  It is one of the few times I had to use my high beams.  It was challenging, but, with my 1980s music turned up high on Sirius XM Satellite radio in my car, I got through Guelph Line.  Becoming more familiar with those roads helped me when I drove through the dark and in the snow. 

Driving long distances on highways has really helped my confidence level in the past, but, as I take the smaller roads, I realized that there are many things I would miss if I only took the highways.  I love seeing where a road ends.  I would take roads which I was familiar with, and then, it would end and think that's it's so cool to know!  Just so you know, I've never come to the end of the road and flew into a body of water or brick walls -- that is not my destination!  It's the journey that I find so interesting and exciting.  I do have a destination in my mind when I go on my road trips.  It does not matter where I go, but, I do think it's a good idea to have a destination.  Still, it's the journey that I learn from, enjoy, and am energized by.

Goals may change.  Your idea of success may change.  Once you have achieved your goals, you might set new goals.  Our destinations may change, but, learn to enjoy the journey and embrace the challenge.  You may be starting a new career, a new relationship, a new marriage, moving into a new house, celebrating a milestone birthday -- whatever it is that you have not experienced before, enjoy the journey!  It's not always a beautiful day and a pleasant, straight road.  It could become stormy and the roads may be dark, winding and bumpy!  Trust me, I know about the bumps!  Instead of avoiding them, I go back to find them!  I am crazy -- I know!  My poor car may not like it, but, I want to become familiar with a road, so, I can drive practically with my eyes closed.  I would never close my eyes, of course!  But, getting familiar with the lane changes, bumps and winding paths makes me feel more confident and prepared.  Hopefully, I can avoid the same bumps (mistakes) when I go down the same road again.

In the past couple months, I have spoken to some of my friends about the economy and investments.  We have seen our investment portfolios take a dive.  After years of experience, it is still a hard pill to swallow when you see your investments take a dive.  But, I know that like those roads I have taken several times, I have a better idea where those bumps and dark spots are.  The storms will pass, but, always be prepared before they hit.  Larry always updates me on the weather forecast.  Recently, he told me about a lot of snow that would hit Barrie and Newmarket -- so, he told me, in case I was thinking of heading north, knowing how much I love my trips to those areas.  He knows by now he cannot easily talk me out of my road trips, but, he warned me.  We may not be able to avoid a snowstorm, but, we must listen to some good advice along the way and if it's avoidable, just do it.  But, also, be prepared.

I hope we can appreciate the journey whenever we are trying to achieve success in whatever area of life.  If you often get frustrated while trying to achieve success, try to take a different perspective of the journey.  Sometimes, it's the journey or the experience which may be the more important lesson in life.  We may not realize it right away, but, at the end of the road, you might look back and say, that was an awesome trip!  Hopefully, we can say that we learned a lot, saw a lot, enjoyed the challenge, and we're glad that we became better for it.

As many of you may know, I have an annual trek to the Prospectors, Developers Association of Canada (PDAC) mining convention coming up in March!  I always think of it as my my annual vacation even though I no longer have to ask to take a vacation from work.  My "vacation" spot is conveniently located in downtown Toronto at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.  This year, a friend mentioned there will be an investment seminar on March 5th (the day before the PDAC mining convention), featuring 15 top resource CEOs as speakers, and so, I am looking forward to that as well!

It's been fun bringing you this latest episode.  I hope you will share some stories with me about your success and journeys in the coming year!

Peace and blessings.


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