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By Katherine Kiang
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12 Aug 2016

Hi everyone,

Hope you're all enjoying the summer.  The heat is on in TO!  Several of you told me you are enjoying the heat and humidity.  I just hope it does not last much longer.  My lawn and I do not enjoy heat and lack of rain.  Hoping for more rain.

I'm a bit late with this episode of KaTsZoNe.  My excuse is a last minute getaway with Larry on the first weekend of August to Grand Bend.  When we returned, I had a full blown cold.  I've been loading up with water, unpasteurized honey (instead of cough syrup), chrysanthemum tea and bone soup, and sleeping with a humidifier.  I am feeling better but hope the heat and humidity goes down soon so I can go out and breathe better.  My voice is still scratchy, so, I'm glad there is no need to speak on this blog!

If I was to write my autobiography, I would have to include a chapter about auto racing.  It seems that every vacation Larry and I have taken, we are at an event involving cars and/or auto racing.    During our vacation to Grand Bend, Larry suggested we attend The Stratford Spectacular at the Grand Bend Motorplex.  I had never heard of it!  It was a huge weekend drag racing event with cars such as Nostalgia Gassers, Alcohol (Ethanol) Funny Cars, NITRO Nostalgia Altereds and Jet Cars!  They were fast, they were loud, they were unusual.  When the sun goes down, watch out for the NITRO and Jet cars as flames stream out of them.  Don't blink!  Everyone was mesmerized by them!  At almost all races, Larry and I enjoy going to the paddock to see some of these cars up close.  We did the same at this event.  Last year, I met a 10 year old boy at Sauble Speedway, and he autographed his photo for me.  He told me he wanted to race cars when he grew up!  Love to see kids set goals and have fun.  This year, I met Shawna, one of the winners in drag racing.  She is 23 and has been racing since age 8!  So inspiring!  If you love cars, you would enjoy The Stratford Spectacular.  I would love to attend this event again!

Larry and I did not have a chance to go to the beach the day we attended the drag races, but, we returned on Monday on our way home.  I admit, I was pretty cranky because of my cold.  Larry tried to convince me to go out on the pier and walk on the sand.  I sat under a gazebo and enjoyed the wind and sun and Lake Huron.  I texted my two friends, Irene and Jaimie, "This is the life."  I really should not take such things for granted.  I suppose, if I hung out at the beach all summer, I would've found a cure for everything - physical, mental, emotional sicknesses -- BE GONE!  Would someone like to look after my house while I do that?  Gee, summer is almost over.  Hmm... maybe next summer?   

Well, we had to come home because Larry had to work this week, but the good news is, we are going to Sauble Beach next week!  YAY!!!  I thought it was crazy to take two vacations two weeks apart, but, summer is too short!  It is so nice anywhere along Lake Huron.  I think we all need to see more of Ontario and all of Canada.  I use to believe it's all about camping in Ontario and I am not a camper!  There are nice hotels/motels in towns and small cities.  We did not stay in Grand Bend but we picked the Holiday Inn in Sarnia, booking a room just one day in advance.

I have photos posted on my Facebook August 2016 album at www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10154348166197086.1073741881.512587085&type=1&l=6926bc32bb
You do not need to be a Facebook member.  I have temporarily made it available to everyone. 

Enjoy the rest of the summer!  I shall be back in October with a new episode of KaTsZoNe!



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