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By Katherine Kiang
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15 Jun 2017

Hi everyone,

As usual, it seems I have become tardy with my bi-monthly blogs.  Life has become filled with distractions.  Some good, others -- well, it just keeps me from writing.  As many of you may know, I use to try and get the monthly KaTsZoNe blogs out at the beginning of every month.  For over a year now, I have changed my timing to every two months and have even asked my good friends to be "guest bloggers".  I'm grateful they would jump to it because I've had more distractions than ever!

So, where do I start?  Distractions for the last 2 months:  Concerts -- Bell Fibe TV -- Too much caffeine -- Unable to sleep -- Apple TV -- Shopping.

Larry and I went to Casino Rama to see two concerts:  Poison and ZZ Top.  We are definitely fans of 80's music!  Since I was able to get complementary tickets from Casino Rama, Larry and I went up to Rama.  We stayed at a hotel in Barrie when we went to see ZZ Top on June 3rd -- a nice weekend getaway!  I met a young couple at a Starbucks in Barrie a couple weeks before our getaway and decided to meet with them again on Friday night before the show.  It is so nice to meet new people.  I enjoyed our discussions about life and getting to know each other.  This was a great distraction, and hopefully, we will become friends.  Since SHOPPING is also one of my distractions, I went to Georgian Mall in Barrie, where I bumped into the couple again!  I shared my good news about finding shoes for a wedding which I will be attending with Larry in July.  So, I hoped that I was useful information since that couple will be getting married in a few weeks!  Perhaps, I will share a bit more about them in the future.  I am not mentioning their names as they are not familiar with my blog. 

Bell Fibe TV and recently, Apple TV, are also distractions.  I have not had access to so many channels in my entire life!  Oh, I forgot about Netflix too!  I have single friends who record and watch their shows on the weekends.  I use to wonder how people can watch so much tv.  Well, now that it's me, myself and I, I understand we need some distractions.  I needed to watch more than just negative tv news all the time.  It has taken me a long time to not dwell on the sadness and negative memories of losing my mom.  Larry cannot be with me all the time to distract me.  None of my other friends can talk to me or be with me all the time.  Sometimes, I don't sleep at night.  I know it's not good to watch so much tv.  And, I probably should add social media too to my list of distractions.  Still, I think it was just a way of quieting the negative thoughts and "noises" at night.  I wanted to watch more comedies, car racing, auto restoration programs and food shows!  With Bell Fibe, I can even go back hours if I miss a program or see if there is a repeat of a program and record it on my PVR.  I know many of my friends have been doing that for years, however, I have only started to learn the ropes from them! 

As for my sleep problems, I finally bought a new bed although it has not arrived yet.  For the last two months, I probably slept on my sofa more often than in my bed.  I wondered, was it hormones, caffeine, tv, or something else?  Well, when I stayed at the hotel in Barrie, I slept so well!  Oh yes, I immediately thought, it was time for a new bed!  Larry took a photo of the brand of the bed at our hotel and that is what I bought!  I told the salesman, I know that bed is good because I slept well on it!  It is hard to tell how good a bed is when you lie on it for just 5 minutes at the store.  I slept well for 2 nights on that particular bed, so, that was it for me!

By the way, Larry is also a distraction!  I told him, he was distracting me while I was trying to write this blog!  He texted me videos, so, of course, I had to watch them on Apple TV!  Larry has taken me out to malls, we have lunch, we share news about stocks, we have our Timmies dates (often meeting another friend), and in the past two months, we even got away and saw a couple of rock concerts.  I think he's a good distraction.  As many of my friends have said, he's a keeper. 

I cancelled lunch dates and meetings with several of my family and good friends for months.  Regretfully, sickness, bad weather, busy schedules, and distractions (i.e. lack of sleep) made it a bit tough.  I hope to get back on track and make time for important people in my life.  I met a saleslady at Coach Outlet when I was in Barrie for the weekend.  I've known her for a couple years.  She's a lovely Polish lady and she said, her husband has his own business and does not take time off.  I said, I understand how difficult it is when you have your own business.  I may not have customers, but, I have to spend time these days, to make money.  I attended a couple conferences and a seminar between March and May.  Then, there is the day to day reading or watching Business News Network, to keep up with current events, business news, etc.  Anyway, as that Coach saleslady said, we must spend time with people -- friends and family.  So, right away, I texted my friend, Margaret, about getting together, as she had asked me several times when I would be free for lunch.  We finally got together, and on that same day, I texted my nephew, Chet, to see if he was free for coffee -- yes, he was!  Well, that was a great day! 

Thank you all for reading this month's KaTsZoNe.  I do appreciate all of you for staying in touch with me through social media, texts, phone calls, e-mails, etc.  We all have different schedules and may lead busy lives.  And, there was my weird sleep pattern and lack of sleep making it difficult to meet at times.  I hope to be in touch more often.

Peace and good health,


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