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By Katherine Kiang
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15 Oct 2017

Hi everyone,

I don't know what describes these past two months better than "Stormy Weather".  And, it's not just about the hurricanes in the U.S. and islands, but, also the tragedy in Las Vegas.  In fact, in Toronto, acts of gun violence and stabbings happen every day.  Someone asked me, have acts of violence actually increased or are they now being reported more than in the past.  That is a very valid question.  Although I am tempted to say that the world has become more violent, I have not yet done research on this.  I have to wonder the same about weather - are we getting more bad storms today compared to hundreds of years ago, or perhaps, we are keeping more records of them.  Please share your thoughts and opinions with me about these topics.  If you are on Facebook, perhaps you can respond to my post.

I found Issue 94 which I wrote in November, 2012 called "Stormy Weather".  Back then, Ontario felt Hurricane Sandy's effects.  Recently, Hurricanes Harvey and Irma made headlines and people are still recovering from their destructive forces.  What have we learned about them?  What actions can people take?  I hope you will read this issue:


By the way, Issue 94 is not just about hurricanes.  Since Christmas is fast approaching, we may be considering gift giving.  Back then, I was also concerned about food banks.  I still make contributions to food banks.  I think there may be a greater need, still, to give to food banks as more people are seeking help to put food on their table.

Storms and gift giving.  Wow!  It seems they have nothing to do with each other.  Well, I know that people who had to go through storms in their lives often need help.  And, those who can, should try and do their best to give to those in need. 

Speaking of Christmas... LOL....my friends have already planned our annual Christmas tea at The Omni King Edward Hotel, so we are going back to our roots after trying other places for a few years.  This year, my friends will be bringing their kids!  I'm so excited about that!  One year, I was dreaming about bringing kids and teddy bears and do afternoon tea for charity - donate money to a selected charity or a bear - something like that!  Well, I haven't made it happen yet.  Let's see how this year's Christmas afternoon tea goes.  Maybe if my friends have similar ideas, we could do it!

Next episode of KaTsZoNe will be in December!  Talk to you soon!



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