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By Katherine Kiang
KaTsZoNe Newsletters > KaTsZoNe - Issue 139 - Revisiting A Wonderful Life

13 Dec 2017

Hi everyone,

Welcome to the last edition of 2017 and first edition 2018 edition of KaTsZoNe all in one!

It's been a busy year.  I know it's been busy because I am continually late with my bi-monthly episodes of KaTsZoNe.  I use to think that having a full time job and juggling everything else was busy, yet, I was able to write a monthly blog.  Now, I am just pushing it trying to write every two months.  I must say, part of the problem is that there is probably too much going on in life, so, trying to decide on a topic is more tough!  What a dilemma to have.

At this time of the year, I always think of my parents -- I miss them.  I also think about family and friends who are no longer here on earth.  Recently, I learned of the passing of a former co-worker and that really hit me too.  Two days after learning of her death, I saw a lady in line at Starbucks.  From behind, she looked just like my former co-worker -- then, she turned around and she looked like her too.  The only thing that awakened me was the sound of her voice -- oh no, that was not her!  That night, I was home, and cried. 
I could not stop thinking about that experience for days.

I think of you, who have lost a loved one(s) this year.  I know it is not easy.  While people celebrate, you may feel like getting out of town.  That was me for the past few years -- I just wanted to get out of town.  It's been 4 years since I lost my mom.  I often say to myself, why am I still sad at this time of year?  I don't always feel like celebrating Christmas but still keep trying.  Larry and his family, my family and friends have all helped me in many ways.  I admit, I often go through the motions when I just want to cry.  I've cried maybe 3 times this month from sadness, and 3 times from watching sappy, romantic Christmas movies on tv.  At least, I'm not continually sad! 

This edition of KaTsZoNe is dedicated to those of you who need to be reminded that in spite of the loss and sadness you may have experienced this past year, remember the good times and good people who have been part of your life.  If we can remember the positive effects and experiences we've had, hopefully, we can move past the sadness and pain.

I dug up another past episode of KaTsZoNe called "A Wonderful Life" from December, 2012.  I had watched the classic movie, "It's A Wonderful Life", and shared some great lessons about life.  I hope you will enjoy it and perhaps, if you have a chance, watch the movie!


I am so blessed to have you all in my life!  It's nice to keep in touch in person, but, I know how life is.  We have families and friends to keep us busy, so, I am grateful for Facebook, emails, and WhatsApp to stay connected.  So, send me a message about this blog or anything else!  Let's just keep in touch! 

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy 2018!

Will be back in February, 2018!



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