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By Katherine Kiang
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20 Feb 2018

Hi everyone,

Welcome to KaTsZoNe!  So glad you can join me in my late late late bi-monthly edition - so what else is new? I apologize for not being prompt and I very much appreciate some of you for reminding me how much you enjoy getting my updates!  It makes me feel good that you care about my life and how you feel about being in touch in spite of all our busy lives!

I realize that some of you have retired and a couple of you are on maternity leave - WOOHOO!!!  I'm sure you are as busy or busier than I am, so, you are excused from reading my blog as soon as you receive it!  As for the rest of you busy people, I really appreciate you taking the time to read my blog whenever you can and keeping in touch in various different ways.  I love technology for that reason - keeping in touch!  Unlimited everything - text messaging, internet and cell phone calls - works out really well for me!

During the first week in the New Year, Larry and I attended the annual North American International Motorcycle Supershow -- Toronto's longest running, largest and best-attended motorcycle show at the International Centre.  We try not to miss this event as we always have fun checking out merchandise, customized bikes, old bikes and sometimes (but not this year) a ladies fashion show for riders.  I enjoy the fashion show!  Larry probably has no comment.  Since Larry started looking for a motorcycle years ago, we have been attending this show religiously.  And, even though I am not a rider, I have tons of fun, as many of you know, posing on or beside motorcycles - more exciting than posing beside cardboard fake musicians, I suppose.  You need to be on Facebook to know what I am talking about re my photos!  Anyway, this year, we were not sure whether there was going to be a snowstorm, so, we cautiously made plans.  Nothing uneventful this year.  Just glad we could celebrate the new year each year with this event!  For those of you on Facebook, I did not even have a chance to post photos from the show like I usually do!  I don't know what it is, but this chilly winter has really slowed me down in many ways!

Now that we are in February, with Groundhog Day, Valentine's Day, Chinese New Year's Day and Family Day (Ontario) behind us, I had to think long and hard what could I possibly write about?  Wiarton Willie gave us in Ontario bad news -- 6 more weeks of winter!  Larry gave me my favourite Purdy's chocolates and took me to Red Lobster for Valentine's Day - as everyone says, he is a sweetie and he tries to keep me sweet (sugar free, of course).  I was able to spend Chinese New Year with my nephew and family as well as with one of my sisters and brother-in-law.  As for Family Day -- I just stayed home.  It's called recuperating.  I forgot to mention two weeks of market volatility in the beginning of February - which makes many of us not even wanting to peek at our financial portfolios, regardless of whether it is managed by ourselves or by a financial planner!  Most stocks recovered, some were not effected, but, it was certainly not a dull moment!  I had to mention that because that is one of the main focus of my activities these days - watching the stock market and making financial decisions.  So, I think I have just about covered all but one more event in February.

Larry and I are planning to attend the AutoShow in Toronto!  He has been busy with work, so, we shall try and get to another annual event which we have attended together in the last several years.  Although we both recently bought cars, we still enjoy looking at the latest models and checking out the latest electric vehicles.  Larry sends me tons of articles on the development of electric vehicles.  We always discuss topics like car companies, batteries, raw materials as it pertains to electric vehicles which includes research and personal investments.  Some of you may talk about the latest hot band or musician like Larry and I speak about COBALT!  Let's get excited and grin from ear to ear!  Good thing Larry and I share similar interests.

Speaking of investment, I am looking forward to attending the annual PDAC (Prospectors & Developers Association of Canada) Convention in the first week of March.  I have been attending this mining convention since about 2001.  Besides the seminars for investors, I now register for the "All Access" pass which includes Trade shows and technical sessions.  In addition, I sometimes attend a lunch session by a special speaker.  It's amazing who you might meet.  Since people from all over the world attend this convention, there is an amazing opportunity to meet and mingle with mining professionals and investors, as well as government representatives.  I like to learn firsthand about issues and topics which companies and government are dealing with instead of hearing it from "the street" or news organizations.  I realize that it is easy to find fault with the mining industry, as well as oil and gas, etc.  We need to search out the facts from every side before making judgment based on rumours, fake news and lack of accurate information.

Going back to the Chinese New Year, I thought I would give at least one website where you can check out your Chinese horoscope for 2018:
Once you go to this webpage, you can go the drop down menu "2018 Horoscopes" to find the Animal sign to find details.  You can find all 12 Animal signs in that menu, including the Dog.  Have fun. 

If you are wondering what my horoscope (Horse) says, my friend, Irene, found this in The Toronto Star:  "Your money sign is strong and you may have many new opportunities.... Work:  You favour businesses to do
with real estate, the stock market and general investments... careers, such as real estate agent, financial adviser and educator, will also do you well.  Your people skills are good.  Wealth:  You have both regular and speculative money sources.  Trust your sixth sense when you make investments."  Stock market -- really?

If you have a moment, let me know how your year is going and tell me about your plans.  And, if you are amused by your horoscope like I was, let me know.  Let's keep in touch!

God willing, I will have a new episode of KaTsZoNe in April. 



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