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By Katherine Kiang
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1 Dec 2005

Hi everyone,

I've finally decided to do this website! It will be a shorter format than in the past, however, I will be updating the other pages on a regular basis.

Now that KaTsZoNe is online, it seems like a whole new episode is beginning. I guess it wouldn't be too original to call it "Episode I". I think, the more fun it is for me could mean more fun for all of you.

I can't believe it's been a year since I started writing "KaTsZoNe". As you may already know, the main reason I decided to do this was to keep in touch with friends whom I might not regularly be in touch with, and, I have learned more about some of you, as you have probably learned about me.

As for what's been happening in my life, I am still going through detox, and I am feeling some changes in my body -- for the better! I don't recall my psoriasis ever being this calm in the winter -- still around, but, it's better. Take a look in the "Health and Beauty" section to read more about my experience with seeing a naturopathic doctor. Other than the psoriasis being less severe, since I'm cutting out caffeine (which absorbs proper nutrients that my body should be getting), sugar, wheat and milk, I'm also slimming down - without even thinking about it.  http://www.katszone.citymax.com/health_beauty.html  

As well, I am still on the c2cfit fitness challenge, recording the mileage of my walks/hikes, and in the process, I am virtually walking across Canada! I am now in Ontario -- let me tell you, Ontario is huge!!! Who knows when I will GET OUT of Ontario...lol. I don't know when I will reach B.C. -- both virtually and literally!

I hope you will also visit my "Calendar" from time to time. The only items I have entered for December is Christmas Tea and the One of a Kind Christmas Craft Show (both on Dec. 3rd).  I will not be posting every event in T.O. on "Calendar", just those which I'm planning to attend. I guess you're wondering if I'm revealing every single thing on my personal calendar - like no!  If I have any dates, I don't want any surprise visits!  I hope that, as always, if we share an interest or desire to attend certain events, then, let's get our schedule in order and off we go! http://www.katszone.citymax.com/page/page/2707711.htm

In the coming months, I'm going to work on the "All About Food" section which will list restaurants I'd recommend, or which were recommended by friends with impeccable tastes (or taste buds). As well, there may be other food(s) for thought.  And, please feel free to share original recipes with me and other readers - well, only if you care to share a secret. http://www.katszone.citymax.com/food.html

"What's Happening in T.O." will direct you to things to do and places to see around T.O. Just to let you know, if it's not on my Calendar, then, it's likely that I'm either not going to attend the event, or, I just don't have a specific date in mind yet.  So, if you care to pull my leg, and say, "Want to go?" then, it will end up on my "Calendar".  Yeah!  http://www.katszone.citymax.com/to_events.html

I welcome your comments and suggestions, as each month, I crave new ideas for new episodes of KaTsZoNe.  So, you can either e-mail me (see below) or post a message in the Guest Book (for all to read).  If you wish to see or post on the Guest Book, please see http://www.katszone.citymax.com/guest_book.html.

May you and your family have an enjoyable holiday season, whether you celebrate Christmas or Hanukkah, or any other celebration in December.

I wish you all peace, good health and many blessings!

God bless everyone.

E-mail:  katszone@gmail.com

P.S.  Each newsletter will be saved starting from the Dec. 1, 2005 (Issue 13).  If you miss any issues, you can go to my website to the "KaTsZoNe Newsletter" section at http://www.katszone.citymax.com/newsletter.html.  I will be e-mailing those on my mailing list a copy of the newsletter at the beginning of each month.

*  This issue of KaTsZone is dedicated to my father, Paul, who left this earth on Nov. 30, 2000.  He encouraged me to try different things, through his example, and he supported my plans, projects and career decisions.  When others told me that I was a good writer, I appreciated it; but, what mattered more was when my dad told me that I was a good writer.  Thanks Dad!