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By Katherine Kiang
KaTsZoNe Newsletters > KaTsZoNe - Issue 16 - New Beginnings

1 Mar 2006

Hope you're having a good year so far.  Now that "heart month" has passed, I just want to say that my mom is doing really well.  She's still staying indoors for now, except for going to doctors' appointments, but, otherwise, she is doing very well.  I thank you all, once again, for your thoughtfulness, prayers, visits, phone calls, gifts for mom -- you're all amazing!

So, after all the excitement of January and February with my mother, I have no idea what other excitement can top that!  So, I've been kind of slacking off a bit with this month's KaTsZoNe -- can't I slack off, just a bit, sometimes?  (Don't answer that....)

Anyway, I have tried to get back into writing one of my fictional short stories, doing more journal writing, Bible studies, so, I have been writing, just not that much on KaTsZoNe.  You might call it my own "katnap".

I did have a chance to update the T.O. Events, which means I will be looking into attending a couple of them.  The events I have listed so far are, the PDAC Annual Conference (for us mining investors and perhaps, friends who may have a curiosity) -- which I customarily take days off work to attend, but, this year, I figured I've already taken a lot of time off, so, I will only be attending this coming weekend.  The British Isles Show Canada takes place March 3-5, and LIFEFest is at the end of the month from March 31st to April 2nd.  Details can be found at http://www.katszone.citymax.com/to_events.html but that does not mean there is nothing else happening in T.O.  Are you kidding?  Those parents, uncles/aunts out there - you know March Break is coming up, so, you've probably already checked out some fun stuff to occupy the kids!  Does anyone know when Dora the Explorer is coming to town -- please tell me!  (How old am I? Never mind.)  I went through the Barney phase, the Winnie the Pooh phase, the Elmo phase, so, don't be surprised when I come up to you and say, "Hola", wearing a Dora shirt or something...no, I don't actually have one -- for now.  I'm sure there will be something else after Dora.

On a personal note (aren't they all?), this past month, I received happy news from a couple friends.  Great big congratulations to C & K who are getting married this summer.  And also, a big congrats to SS whom I still have to meet up with to get the scoop on her soon-to-be hubby and their upcoming wedding this summer.  Aside from the weddings to look forward to, I hope JC is doing well as she and her hubby are expecting their second child in a couple short months....yeah!!!

March is the season of new beginnings.  May you find new beginnings in your relationships, work, school, spiritual journey, projects, travels and wherever your feet, your head, your heart ... and your butt takes you.