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By Katherine Kiang
KaTsZoNe Newsletters > KaTsZoNe - Issue 17 - Passions

1 Apr 2006

I hope you're all enjoying the beginnings of spring, and life is just great!  Okay, I know life isn't always that way, and some of you are having what I'd call many "character building" days.  Am I right?  At work, we have just survived the dreaded fiscal YEAR END!!!  What next?  For April -- TAXES!!!   

So, let me tell you what's been going on in my life.  Mum is doing well, although, she still has some challenging days, after going through a double bypass operation in January of this year.  We go from one doctor's appointment to another, for her check-ups.  Then, I'm still keeping up with my naturopathic treatments to heal my psoriasis -- and, that's been going well.  However, I can't think about quitting or retiring from my job because, "How will I ever pay for all these supplements I'm taking?"  Let's just say, God has provided, and I believe, He will continue to provide.  And, since I'm heavily invested in commodities, I'm quite a happy camper.  And, for all you enquiring minds (many of you have already asked me) just for the record, no, I did not buy Tim Horton's IPO.  I'm wondering why many of you had asked -- hmmm....I guess I can't blame you.  Perhaps, you have been associating me with another coffee company...LOL.

So, why am I going to talk about Passions this month?  It's not February, and therefore, passions may be associated with Valentine's Day.  I've been thinking about my life, and many of my friends, who love to do one thing or the other.  For myself, I have re-discovered my love for writing short fiction.  Years ago, I was really into it, but then, my life became out of focus.  I stopped doing a lot of things that I loved, including writing. 

Recently, at least in the last two weeks, it was as though I was consumed by a demon.  Okay, it sounds rather scary, and perhaps, you are wondering, why would I even mention such a horrible comparison, as to a demon?  Maybe, you can think of something else -- but, just think, what else can consume your time, your energy, your sleep?  It literally took a lot of those things from my life, but, I was having a thrill of a lifetime!  I had been stuck while writing another story, which had already taken months, then, I just thought, I was writing something ridiculous.  But, one night, I was about to write in my journal, and then, it started.  Something started -- it was like eating a ton of chocolate in one sitting!  I could not stop.  I just wrote for hours and hours every day for two whole weeks straight.  It was crazy!

I finally finished the story this past week, and I decided, I will give myself a break, mull it over, and then make revisions.  Then, oh my gosh, I had the idea of a "sequel", and I started writing again.

Just think, if money was not a factor, what would you pursue in life?  I am not writing a story to make money from it, but, something has been driving me to do it.  It's as though years of ideas are now tumbling down the mountain like a powerful avalanche!

I have been through a lot in the past several years.  Finally, I have found the outlet to let it all out.  And, I have discovered that finding and exercising your passion and allowing it to consume you is a lot more fun than having work, nitty gritty problems, and negative people consume me.

I remind all of you, my friends, to not only find a passion in what you're doing, but, also, to find a passion in people, and make your family and friends your priority.  Everything else is just "icing on the cake".  Yes, you can still enjoy the icing, but, it won't fill you up.  So, if you live life with just icing, I doubt it will satisfy you.

Well, my story continues although I will try to get more sleep nowadays.  Yes, I promise, I'll try.  That's what I said to my good doctor too, since she suggested I try to get more sleep as part of my healing process.  However, I haven't told her about my writing a story, yet.  She'd probably shake her head.  So, she might find her way into my story -- oooo.  And friends, I may be taking mental notes while I'm around you, so, just remember to be super nice to me (especially these next few weeks) or else, I could name a character after you.  Well, alright, names will be changed to protect the guilty, I mean, the innocent.

Have a great month!  Enjoy your passions!