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By Katherine Kiang
KaTsZoNe Newsletters > KaTsZoNe - Issue 19 - Connections

1 Jun 2006

Last month, I mentioned about changes going on in the lives of those around me.  I have friends and a nephew who are getting married this year and friends who are or are changing jobs.  I didn't think I have that many friends, and yet, all these changes I've been hearing about from several them - it's really quite exciting.

I'm grateful that no matter what changes my family, friends and I have gone through in years gone by, we've always tried to maintain a connection - via e-mail, cards, letters or getting together for tea/coffee, lunch/dinner and other outings.  We all have busy schedules, and yet, we will find ways to keep in touch. 

Why do I use the word connections instead of a word like relationship?  That's because I was wondering what it's like to be disconnected from something in our lives -- i.e. phones, computers, fax machines, Blackberry (aka "Crackberry"), televisions, radios, microwave, etc.  How many of us would quite simply "freak out"!!!  One day without power - remember the August blackout a couple years ago in T.O?  OH NO!!!! 

During the blackout, We were "disconnected" from things, yet, we began to connected more with people.  It was very touching for people in T.O. to see and experience a connection with strangers, their neighbours, and even their own family.  It was like a totally "new" experience for many people, who have not made the time to develop connections with people.  I'm not saying, we need to develop a relationship with the clerk at a store we seldom go to, but, it was nice to connect with a clerk in a conversation, other than simply handing over some cash for a bottle of water or package of gum.  And, a conversation is not necessary to start a connection.  Have you ever seen a cute kid who just gave you a big smile?  And, you just knew, there was a connection between you and the kid!

Maintaining a connection with my friends is the main reason I started my KaTsZone newsletter.  And now, through my website, I hope the connection continues on. 

I know, sometimes, we may not have a chance to talk, e-mail, or get-together every day or every week or even every month, but, that's okay.  If you're still on my mailing list, consider yourself connected!

I hope to see most, if not all, of you during the summer as I will be on leave from my job for the summer starting June 5th.  So, even those of you who are out of town, I will be in touch.

I wish you and your families an incredibly fun, safe and relaxing summer!