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By Katherine Kiang
KaTsZoNe Newsletters > KaTsZoNe - Issue 20 - Salubrious Break

1 Jul 2006

Being away from work has, indeed, been salubrious -- that was the whole point of it.  This break is supposed to make me healthier and so far, after one month, it's been really good.  Not only that, I have had the opportunity to help my mother, so that she will also become healthier, and so, my break will hopefully benefit her, as well.

On my first Monday off, I "checked in" with my naturopathic doctor.  I started another new set of supplements while trying to maintain the current diet.  She switched some of my supplements to support the adrenals and thyroid gland, which I was told, from when I first started seeing her, were overworked ("stressed out").  For some people, stress may effect their heart; for me, it's the thyroid. 

I didn't think anything could effect my body in such a way.  I thought, so, what's a little stress in life?  We all need it in order to achieve our goals.  Right?  Doesn't everyone have good days and bad days?  Some mornings, I might feel kind of tired when I get up.  Maybe it's the weather change.  Maybe it's because I worked late the night before.  Maybe I couldn't sleep because I drank a bit too much water just before bedtime and had to get up a couple times a night to go to the bathroom.  Maybe I stayed up too too late to finish up the stories I had been writing.  Maybe I'm just getting old.  Well....maybe, I was trying to come up with too many "maybes" and in the end, I couldn't get back on track because I just couldn't stop.  I couldn't imagine myself getting off the spinning wheel because, well, darn it, I'm just too important for my job -- I can't leave because people are counting on me.  What would they do without me?  And then, you wake up one day and realize, it's just work.  I am replaceable at work, but, KK is not replaceable -- not to my mom, my family, nor my friends.  My health and well-being comes first.

I hope, my friends, that you will also give yourself a break when you need it.  You don't want to collapse from exhaustion because of all the demands upon you - from your work, family (i.e. elderly parents, kids), etc. I count myself lucky because there's still time for me to fix my health, even though it's not fun having to restrict the type of foods you eat, plus as challenging as it may be, it's no fun to take a zillion supplements every day.  I'd love to have a glass of milk, a bagel, french fries, an egg salad sandwich (sigh) or a delicious apple pie -- but, at this point, I am "not allowed".  I know it's for my own good.  But, having said that, for the summer, if you think I'm not going to cheat on what I eat, listen to my motto (for the last several months): "If you're gonna cheat, it better be well worth it!"  I may dream about eating a Subway sandwich, but, it doesn't mean, I can't make that dream come true -- just not every day!  And, I'll have an ice cream -- but, only at Purdy's because of their yummy chocolate sauce -- now that's what I call cheating!  If you're going to cheat on your good looking, intelligent boyfriend who treats you like gold, why would you pick someone not as great looking, stupid and treats you like crap -- unless you really want to be on an episode of Dr. Phil?

In July, we are really just into summer.  So, I hope you will take the time, as I have attempted to do, and travel and explore Canada or any other destination of interest to you, and have fun with your family and friends, and perhaps, take a break from work.

I encourage all of you just to travel within Canada because, having taken road trips across Canada, I know that Canada is one of the safest and best places to travel in and I have learned and enjoyed my experience tremendously!  I guess, it's like a saying, oftentimes, we take people and things closest to us for granted. The diamond is in front of us, yet, we still see pieces of charcoal and do not anticipate the beauty before us.  We have great cultural diversity, lots of multicultural festivals and events going on this summer, beautiful scenery all year round, tons of places to wine and dine (including right here in T.O.) and so much more.  You will surely be able to find something you love to do anywhere in Canada. 

Come and visit my website.  I will be updating these two sections quite frequently this summer:

"Events in Ontario" - http://www.katszone.citymax.com/ont_events.html
"Photo Album" - http://www.katszone.citymax.com/photos.html

I hope you will find some festivals and events to see, especially in Ontario, whether you are planning to visit us or you're living in Ontario.  As well, I have posted and will continue to post pics from my sightseeing in Ontario, since I finally got a digital camera. 

My friends, I drink to your health (something with no sugar, no caffeine, no dairy, no wheat) - yes, I drink some filtered (or spring) water, or, hey, some awesome herbal tea -- TO YOUR HEALTH!