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By Katherine Kiang
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1 Apr 2007

Here comes April!  Spring is in the air, my friends!  I haven't put away my boots yet.  I'd love to put my sandals in their place, but, guess I have to be a bit patient, for now.

As you have been reading these past few months, I have "connected" with several people on MySpace.  Oh yes, "Myspace" is a word that is still on my lips and in my day-to-day life -- for better or for worse.  I e-mail my MySpace friends (fans and musicians) and I have also met some of them, in person.  It's very cool to actually become "friends" on myspace first and then meet them.  Then again, once you meet someone in person, you can also become their MySpace friend and that's equally exciting.  The network keeps growing and soon, you're communicating with people all over the world.  Recently, I was communicating with one girl from the Philippines.  It's not always easy communicating with all the MySpace friends, as in my case, I have 290 of them!   But, it is great to get to know some of them.

On Sunday, March 25th, I attended the Songwriters Expo at the Cadillac Lounge.  This event was hosted by my former co-worker/friend, singer/songwriter Monique Barry.  She hosts this monthly event (usually the last Sunday of each month, except during the summer). You can participate in the Songwriters Expo by submitting a CD or a website/MySpace site to Monique for her to listen to samples of your songs.  The main  criteria is that you have to sing your own original songs.  That Sunday, Monique, Kim Jarrett, Jeff Oussoren, Kathy Taler and Little Hawk performed.  They were amazing!  I also met another singer/songwriter, Ava, who had previously performed at the Expo, and after speaking to her for a bit, I later checked out her MySpace site and requested to be her friend.  So, all, except one of those singer/songwriters, are now my MySpace friends. 

I would really love it if you checked out my MySpace Blog which lists all the Canadian artists/bands who are my MySpace Friends - 63 of them (as of Mar. 31st)!  I know this list will continue to grow.  So, thanks to those of you who tell me about artists/bands who have impressed you.  (AT - I love Alex Cuba - he's now my "Friend" too!)  I do hope this blog is accessible to everyone (and not just to those who are registered on MySpace).  Let me know if you can't get in and I will send you my list on a Word document (or just plain text). 
Here's the blog:  http://blog.myspace.com/index

Throughout the years, I have met former co-workers and some old friends, but, did not keep in touch with them again.  However, this past year, I met a former classmate (Larry) from my Grade 6 class.  Then, in the past couple weeks, I met another former classmate (Shari) from grade school.  They have come back into my life and we have become friends!  It's unbelievable that 30 years later, our paths would cross again and I sometimes wonder, how did it happen?  Why now?  It just amazes me!  This awesome experience makes me feel very blessed.  Now I'm wondering, who else am I going to meet from grade school in 2007.  Wouldn't that be too cool?

I'm telling you about my old and new friends because I feel like 2007 is going to be a significant year for me.  Every corner I turn, someone from my past or someone new, has brought me to a better place in my life.  Hey, I'm not forgetting all of you who have stuck by me all these years too!  You know, this episode of KaTsZoNe is about Friends so, it's to all of you!

I have been adjusting the "lenses" in my life little by little, and hopefully, getting closer to a workable, realistic plan to accomplish my dreams.  I know it would be impossible to do a zillion things at once.  So, getting focussed is my  goal.  Watch out world!!!

Of course, I cannot leave you all without talking about music. 

I am not going to make detailed recommendations this month except to say that, I bought a couple CDs this past month:  The Philosopher Kings' "Castles" and Little Hawk's "Home and Native Land".  I love TPK and Little Hawk!  And, I am still listening to some favourites - Paolo Nutini, James Carrington, etc.

Next week, I plan to attend shows in two or three shows in Toronto (Sunshine State, Tyler Kyte, Jets To Ground).  I envision adding more music to my collection.

I would also like to attend more songwriters events in the near future.  Kim Jarrett runs songwriters showcases at Castro's Lounge (on Monday nights) and Liberty Bistro (on Tuesday nights).  I invite you to visit Kim's site if you're interested in getting out and listening to more talented Canadian singers/songwriters/musicians in our midst! 

If you would like to find out which events I plan to attend, check out my MySpace site and look for my calendar.  As always, you are more than welcome to join me.  E-mail or speak with me before you attend in case my plans suddenly change.  These days, my middle name is "spontaneity", so, don't be too concerned to ask me to meet up with you on the spur of the moment.  I will be more considerate with your schedule, of course.  Then again, as some of you know, I could just show up and surprise you.  (Tracy, remember the old days when you used to show up in T.O., then call and tell me that you were in town -- for a short while?)

For those who observe these holy days, I wish you a blessed Passover and Easter. 

That's it for now and I will write to you later this month from London, England .... oh.... April Fools!!! 


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