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By Katherine Kiang
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1 Jun 2007

Hi everyone,

Are you all getting ready for summer?  We're just getting into June and are getting some hot summer days and nights.  I think it's nice to have that once in a while.  Not fond of my mosquito bites, but, guess I'll have to just deal with it, as usual.

So, let me start with this.  I was supposed to fly to Boston for a week to visit my myspace friend, Michelle, see a Teddy Geiger concert with her in Vermont, and attend my niece's graduation at Harvard.  That didn't work out since my mum had some issues with her meds, so, I decided not to go.  Then, yesterday, I read that Teddy's Vermont concert will be cancelled as he will be shooting a movie called "The Rocker".  Imagine if I had gone to Boston?  So, I thought, thank God that it worked out this way, inspite of my disappointment in not going.  But, family comes first.  Tonight, I read from a website that "The Rocker" is going to be filmed in Toronto!  Oh man!  Wonder if it will be possible to bump into Teddy after all....LOL.

Teddy has been important in my life because he's indirectly responsible for me getting into myspace and my return to music.  I've also met several fans of Teddy's and we've become friends.  So, it would have been nice to meet him at a concert in Vermont.  I just think it's rather ironic that his concert is now cancelled but he will be filming a movie in Toronto.  Sometimes, life's disappointments may turn out better for us.  I have a lot to be grateful for. 

So, now, I would like to share some upcomding events which will be taking place in Toronto.  These are events which I would like to attend and if any of you are interested, let me know.  However, if we don't meet up, I hope you and your family and friends will be able to enjoy yourselves at these events too!

Luminato - June 1-10, 2007 - Toronto
It's called a festival for the arts and creativity - which includes music, dance, film, literature, theatre, visual arts & design.  There are numerous free events, including free concerts.  I've never been to this.  If you like the arts, check out their website at www.luminato.com.  If anyone is interested in any of these events, please let me know what you would like to attend.  You know me - I'd love to hang out with my friends. 

North By Northeast Music & Film Festival - June 7-10, 2007 - Toronto
To all music lovers, this music and film festival is a great opportunity to listen to lots of bands and films about music.  There is a free event at Nathan Phillips Square which takes place on Wednesday, June 6th between 5 and 7 pm to kick off the festival. 

The NXNE Music Festival will be showcasing over 450 bands at over 30 live music venues in downtown Toronto.  I know at least one friend (Daphne Darling) who will be playing on the Friday night during NXNE at .  Daphne will be playing at:

The Art Bar - Gladstone Hotel 1214 Queen St W, Toronto, Ontario
Cost : TBA

NXNE Music Festival Showcase. 9PM Sharp W/Jan Kosiba, Jules Ross, John Vassos, Brian Lass, Brian Kim $8 or a music festival badge.


Grand Prix of Toronto - July 6-8, 2007 - Toronto
I got my tickets!!!  This is the second year I will be attending the Grand Prix of Toronto (formerly known as the Molson Indy).  The three-day event will take place down at the Exhbition grounds.  It features cars of the Champ Car World Series, Champ Car Atlantics Championship and the SCCA Speedworld Championships.  This year, I will be sitting at the Turn 3 Grandstand and I also got tickets for the paddock and the pit.  I spoke to Dave Jobst, Manager of Customer Relations [tel: 416-588-RACE (7223), x238] and he threw in the pit pass for me for free.  It was easier than ordering online through Ticketmaster. 

Dave informed me that on Friday, July 6th, it's "Freedom Friday", so, you can go to any grandstand to watch, regardless of the ticket you purchased - but, it's only on Friday.  I could not find the schedule on the website, so, Dave emailed it to me.  He was extremely helpful.  For those of you who are avid photographers, there is also a package called the "Super Photo Pass" which costs $250 and it gives you access to various restricted areas.  But, the pass does not include any of the grandstands.  Dave had offered me a discount on both the Super Photo Pass and a grandstand ticket, but, I decided, it was too much.  Anyway, if you truly are interested, give Dave a call!

Check out the website at www.grandprixtoronto.com.  If you would like to see the schedule, send me an e-mail and I will forward it to you or you can ask Dave to send it to you.  It's in Excel format, but, if you don't have Excel, I can paste it into the e-mail.


NSAI Songwriters Night - Friday, June 15, 2007 - 8 p.m. - NOW Lounge
Singer/songwriters Laura Ranieri, Steve Didunyk, Danny Sylvestre, and Doug Stronach will be performing that evening.  Usually, each singer will perform four of their own songs.  It is a great opportunity to hear live music and to try and chat with the performers before or after the show.

At the last NSAI Songwriters Night in May, I met Marianne Girard.  During her performance at the Songwriters Night, Marianne reached out to the audience, especially when she had us sing along to the choruses with her.  I really enjoyed that!  We met up for lunch in Newmarket one day.  She is very talented and it was a pleasure to meet this honest and warm person.  She was also very helpful when I explained I had an interesting in getting into publicity/promotions work for musicians, so, I'm very grateful to her.  Marianne told me that she will be working on a new album in the fall.  So, once I have more information, I will let all you know.  In the meantime, check out her music on her myspace site at www.myspace.com/mariannegirard1 and if you are interested in purchasing the CD, please visit Marianne's website at www.mariannegirard.com

Liam Titcomb's CD Release Party - Saturday, June 16, 2007 - 9-10 p.m. - El Mocambo 
I discovered Liam's music late last year.  Recently, he announced that his new CD, "Can't Let Go" will be out in stores on June 5th, however, it is already available on iTunes.  So, guess where I went?  What did I ever do before iPod?  With a radio transmitter, I am able to listen to Liam and all my other songs on my iPod on the radio in the car and at home!  It is too cool!  I do have tentative plans for that night, but, if it does not work out, I will be going to Liam's party.  Marianne Girard happens to be a friend of Liam's.  I've realized that the "singer/songwriters world" in Toronto is smaller than you think.  I have come across this many times in the past few months.  I wonder if there is such a thing as coincidences.  This universe is too awesome!

On Saturday, June 30th, at 5 p.m. to 6 p.m., Liam will also be performing at the Lakeside Terrace at Harbourfront.  It is a free concert and will also feature Dean McTaggart, Brent Titcomb [Liam's father], Lindsay Broughton.  If it's really nice that day, I think it would be great to bring your family down to the lake and listen to some great live music from these singers/songwriters.

www.myspace.com/liamtitcomb and www.liamtitcomb.com

Jets To Ground - Saturday, July 20, 2007 - 9 p.m. - Lee's Palace
Back in April, my friends and I went to see this band perform at the Horseshoe Tavern.  I still keep in touch with the band from time to time.  I found out they will be back in Toronto in July.  Hopefully, their album will be done soon.  I also heard that they are planning to shoot a music video this summer.  I am looking forward to their upcoming projects.

This past month, I also downloaded Daniel Kirkley's "Let Love Win" album, which was released on May 22nd.  It is Gospel music and truly inspiring.  You can preview the entire album at www.danielkirkley/preview/ and some of the songs are also on his myspace site at www.myspace.com/danielkirkley.  One of my favourite songs of this year is "My New Dawn", which I have mentioned previously.  The last time I wrote to Daniel was when he wrote a blog about the time he first heard his song, "My New Dawn", on the radio!  I wish I had a chance to hear the three songs I co-wrote with my friend on the radio and it was unfortunate, that they were played in St. Catharines at the time and well, I don't live in St. Catharines.  I'm sure it's really exciting.

Again, if anyone is interested in joining me for the above upcoming events, let me know.  It would be great to have some company.

That's it for this episode of KaTsZoNe.  Thanks for sticking with me!

Enjoy the summer!!!

Katherine (KK)