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By Katherine Kiang
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1 Jul 2007

Hey everyone,


I hope you are all enjoying this long weekend!  The weather is fabulous and looking forward to more.

I listed a few events in the June episode of KaTsZoNe, like Luminata and NXNE.  Unfortunately, I was unable to attend those arts and music events.  I caught a cold for a week and my mother fainted one day and injured herself.  She's doing great now, after three weeks.  She finally got out of the house!  She still has pain in her right leg sometimes, but, at least, she can walk without a cane.

I feel like June was a bit of a blur - but, a good one. 

I've had some great times with a good friend of mine.  A year after getting in touch through Classmates.com, we are spending more time together, getting to know each other even better.  I've also been in touch with other old classmates - not through classmates.com, but, through Facebook and one of them, through my niece.  Recently, I have contacted another old friend (who used to be one of my best friends in grade school), through Facebook.  She is now a professor at York University.  Interestingly, a couple weeks ago, I happened to bump into another old friend (also one of my best friends in grade school) just down the street from my house, since she was looking after her parents' house while they are away on vacation.  Strangely, I would connect with all these friends whom I knew from grade school!  It's so wild!  Just imagine meeting or contacting people you knew 30 years ago (or more), randomly, at different times, within the past year.  I keep wondering, what is the reason for this!  Again, I say, it's pretty wild!  But, I must say, it's very thrilling and I'm very happy to hear what has been happening with all their lives.

I attended a lovely baby shower for a friend whom I've been in touch with since her articling days at my office.  I was thrilled to see her and to meet her good friends.  So now, we are all connected on the very addictive Facebook website.  We had lunch at Peatree Restaurant (507 Parliament Street, Toronto), which is a nice cozy place.  They have a sunroom as well as an outdoor patio.  Their menu seems quite diverse, which includes Canadian, Cajun, French, Italian and Vegetarian.  From my recollection, I believe I stumbled upon a Cajun omelette - it certainly had a kick!  It was not the first time I've been to Peartree.  My friends, Vicky and Nick and their daughter, Chloe, brought me to this restaurant when they had their 10th wedding anniversary.  I don't recall what I ate, but, I know I was very impressed, so, I was glad to go back again, for my friend's baby shower.

Last weekend, I met up with my longtime friend, Marleen, whom I haven't seen since Christmas.  Mar treated me for lunch at one of my favourite restaurants, Le Papillon (16 Church Street, Toronto), a popular French restaurant.  When we think of "comfort food", one of us will suggest, "Le Papillon".  I always seem to have their tortiere -- something that goes back to my childhood days when my class first visited a French restaurant and I remember having tortiere (meat pie).  Their tortiere comes with chutney and a nice spring salad.  Marleen and I also love a dessert called Pouding Chômeur, a rich golden cake, baked with a caramel sauce, served with ice cream.  Doesn't that just make your mouth water?  Believe me, Marleen and I first tried sharing the dessert, way back when, but, we learned that we now each have to have our own!  It is just too delicious!  They have a great selection of crepes as well.  All I know is, their crepes list overwhelms me, but, definitely worth a try if you can decide on which crepe you want! 

I mentioned in last month's KaTsZoNe that I'll be attending the Grand Prix in Toronto on the weekend of July 6-8.  Let me just say, again, how excited I am about it!  It's the second year I'll be attending, but this time, I've asked about better grandstand tickets, so, I'll be at Turn 3 and it's the first time these seats are available to the public (not just corporate seats)!  Apparently, those turns can be quite exciting.  On Friday, those with grandstand tickets can go to any grandstand to take a look.  I also bought the Paddock passes, and I was offered the Pit Walk/Thru Passes for free just because I asked for "a deal".  There are five races taking place that weekend, but, the one which you will likely see on t.v. is the Champ Car World Series Championship race which takes place on Sunday afternoon.  I'm still wondering whether I will smell popcorn as the cars race by.  I read that race cars are all going to use biofuels (like ethanol), so, I am going to check while I'm down there whether there is more information about the fuel.  Since ethanol is made from corn, I have been joking with friends about whether you will think you smell popcorn when cars go by!  I read that there is research going into more efficient fuels than those made from corn, which involves using sugars (i.e. in fruits) - so, if it's not popcorn, will we end up with the smell of apple fritters on the road one day?  Problem is, we don't want to deplete ourselves of fruits just to feed our cars, so, researchers will have to try and see whether we can make use of those parts of foods that are not consumed by humans.

York University alumni who are interested in various events should check whether York offers special discounted tickets.  I didn't know until after I bought the Grand Prix tickets that I could have found a better deal.  I also learned that through York, you can get discounts for the Titanic exhibit (June 2/07 - January 6/08) at the Ontario Science Centre.  In fact, if you are an alumni of any Canadian university or college, I suggest that you find out about perks offered through your school.  I am also a Seneca alumni and there are also special priced tickets for specific shows and events. 

Other than the Grand Prix, I have no plans to attend special events in July.  It might be a little early to say, at this point.  I may be going to the beach if my friends will be playing volleyball down there.  I do know that the Beaches International Jazz Festival will be playing, July 20-29th, but, again, it may be a little early to say that I'll be attending.  It seems that for the past couple months, my plans to attend various events have not happened.  So, I guess I'll have to surprise all of you next month.  If I do plan something later on, I will e-mail those of you in town, to see if you are interested. 

I am in the midst of trying to change the domain of my website from www.katszone.citymax.com to just www.katszone.com.  It will probably take a couple days.  I hope that will work out.  At least, the website will be easier to remember.

Enjoy July and keep in touch!

Love you all,

Websites for Restaurants/Events Mentioned Above:

Le Papillon - http://www.lepapillon.ca/home-mp.html
Peartree Restaurant - http://www.toronto.com/restaurants/listing/133414
Grand Prix of Toronto - http://www.grandprixtoronto.com/
Ontario Science Centre (Titanic exhibit) - http://www.ontariosciencecentre.ca/calendar/titanic/
York Alumni (Perks - Sporting Events) - http://www.yorku.ca/alumni/perks/sporttickets.php
York Alumni (Perks-Entertainment) - http://www.yorku.ca/alumni/perks/entertainment.htm