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By Katherine Kiang
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1 Sep 2007


Hope you're having a great long weekend!  I love the Labour Day long weekend.  It always seems like the time to make a new start!

Well, my "honeymoon" is ending.  I go back to being a legal assistant on Tuesday (after Labour Day).  When I went on leave in June, 2006, our office was at the Eaton Centre.  Now, we're at a new location.  I am looking forward to a new start, but, I must admit, it's going to be like night and day.  I give up being a night owl and will wake up with the roosters.  I think I should say it this way, in a song called, "Day Job", by the Canadian band, Sunshine State:

...Someday, one day I'll sleep in till noon and stay out late
Live the life I want
One day, I know I'll leave this .... cubicle behind
The rent could still get paid

Why didn't I write that song? LOL.  I love it!  Wish I had gone to see Sunshine State live -- well, ONE DAY!

I just want to thank all of you again, my friends, for being there for me this past 15 months!  Those of you on myspace.com and facebook.com have become my confidants too and I really enjoyed chatting with you online.  It's been a lot of fun and I've learned so much about music through your eyes and ears (of course!). 

To my co-workers, thank you for staying in touch and keeping me in the loop during this past year.  I feel like I didn't even leave.  I look forward to working with you again.  I appreciate how you have supported me, by hearing me out and being interested in my life outside my cubicle...LOL.  I stayed physically alive and came back to life this past year.  Self-discovery and having fun is an amazingly healthy thing.  I highly recommend it!

To a couple of my good friends, thanks for letting me subject you to my songs which are at such early stages.  Normally, I would not put friends through such trauma!  Your input has given me ideas.  So, if anything does become of them, I have you to thank! 

Most of all, friends, I appreciate how I was able to keep in touch with you via emails, phone calls and getting together for lunches/dinners/walks/movies, etc.  At times, you may have thought I had just turned 16.  Frankly, I know 16 year olds who are more mature than me.  Anyway, I do enjoy making you think that I had become a teenager again!  So, I'd like to think that we did have lots of fun together.  By the way, being a teenager can be tons of fun! 

My songwriting did not go as far as I thought it would, but, I discovered another passion -- meeting, supporting and sharing ideas with songwriters/musicians.  I also love chatting with music fans!  I can't believe that through myspace and live shows, I came to really know some of you.  It's nice to be recognized when you came up and said, "Hi KK," even though we had never met before!  It's so cool!

Okay, enough of me sounding like I'm accepting a Grammy Award.  Moving on to some fun stuff that's coming up for me.  It's all about music, of course.

Virgin Music Festival - Sept. 8 - 9, 2007 - Toronto Islands Park

The two-day Virgin Music Festival in Toronto is going to be huge!  This is the second year of the annual event.  I did not attend last year.  It sounds unbelievably awesome!  If you're interested in checking out lots of music and bands, go to the following websites for more information: www.virginfestival.ca/toronto, www.myspace.com/virginfestivaltoronto and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Virgin_Festival.  This year, in Toronto, there is a line-up of 30 artists/bands on day 1 and 34 on day 2, so far.  Apparently, more artists to be added!  From what I can tell after a brief look, there is quite a variety of music including rock, folk rock, alternative, pop,  electropop, new wave, and jazz/blues.  Performers are from Canada, Great Britain, U.S., Iceland, etc.  For music lovers, it will be like paradise!

I am planning to attend this great event and have found a myspace friend, Lidia, to be my partner in crime.  I would call her an ultimate music lover.  Lidia heads an organization called torontoindie.com which consists of volunteers, who share a love of music, and they focus on music events happening in Toronto.  Now celebrating its second anniversary, Lidia and her team go out and interview bands, review shows/CDs, write features on artists, etc.  They are a great source for artists/bands who may want to promote themselves, as well as a resource for music lovers who want to find out more about the Toronto music scene.  I find that if you generally listen mostly to radio, you are missing out on a lot of independent artists out there!  So, Lidia and her team are doing a great job getting word out about such artists.

If you plan to attend "Vfest", let me know.  Just to let you know, if you go to Virgin Festival's myspace's site and check out their blog, you could enter a contest and win free tickets and VIP passes!  What are you waiting for?  READY....SET....GO!  HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE!!!

Songwriters Expo - Sun. Sept. 23, 2007 - Cadillac Lounge (1296 Queen St. W.) - 4-7 p.m.

The Songwriters Expo took a break over the summer, but, it's back in September.  I'm looking forward to seeing Monique Barry again, who hosts this event, as well as Canadian singer/songwriters, Bela Ray, Two Roads Home and Alyssa Wright.  There is no charge for this event, however, a tip jar is passed around during the show and if you contribute whatever you can, you will be entered in a draw, where the winner will win all the CDs of artists being featured on that day.  I've heard and met some incredibly talented singer/songwriters/musicians at this monthly event.  If you are a singer/songwriter, perhaps starting out and trying to get more experience in performing and want more exposure, contact Monique Barry at info@songwriters.com, but, check out this website first at http://www.songwritersexpo.com/getinvolved.htm to see what is required to get booked into this event.  It is a very casual atmosphere at the Cadillac Lounge, so, I hope you will come by some time to check out this event. 

Daphne Darling

Daphne Darling is AWESOME!  She is such a personable, energetic, positive, and encouraging woman.  This year, Daphne's unique songwriting/performing talents has brought her three nominations for the Toronto independent music awards in the categories of best pop, best live acoustic and best song ("Eight").  Way to go Daphne!  Woohoo!  She has not even posted the news on her MySpace blog yet, so, I hope she doesn't mind that I'm sharing this news with all of you.  It is not her first set of nominations.  In October, 2006, when I first met Daphne, she mentioned during a show that she was nominated for two awards by LA Access Magazine.  Then in January, 2007, she was a semi-finalist in The International Songwriting Competition.  She is headed for success -- I'm quite sure of it!

Daphne's upcoming shows are as follows:

Sept. 27 @ 8:00 p.m. - Moonshine Cafe, Oakville
Sept. 29 @ 8:00 p.m. - C'est What? Pub, Front Street, Toronto
Nov. 16 @ 8:00 p.m. - NOW Lounge, Toronto

I really hope some of you can come watch Daphne perform!!! 

Van Halen - Sun. Oct. 7, 2007 - 7:30 p.m. - Air Canada Centre

Friends, although I can't exactly invite you to this event because tickets are SOLD OUT, I'm just telling you because I'M GOING!!!  LOL.  My partner in crime in this event is Larry, who is a big fan of Van Halen. 

Even if rock music is not your preference, I think most, if not all of you, will at least have heard of the band.    Lead singer, David Lee Roth, will be coming back to join the group after 22 years since his departure from the band.  I think it will be an interesting reunion.  From what I have read, all the songs they are performing are old hits, nothing new.  Fans will likely know all of the songs they will be performing.

I am a huge fan of '80s music!  Van Halen is definitely significant in music of the '80's.  I'm still in shock sometimes when radio stations call '80's music "oldies".  I can't be that ancient, I say to myself.  It was so much fun and when believe it or not, that was probably the most exciting time of my life when it came to rock/pop music. 

So, it's been lots of fun telling you about my upcoming adventures in music.  I will be seeing the latest/newest bands at the Virgin Music Festival next weekend and will become nostalgic with an older band, Van Halen, in October.  With music, a time warp doesn't mean anything, as long as you enjoy it! 

Latest Music Purchases

My friends used to laugh at me when they heard I had already blown my book budget in January.  They never heard of anyone even having a book budget.  Well, let me just say, these days, it's not books -- IT'S MUSIC!  Since getting an IPod last year and meeting a bunch of great musicians, my music collection has grown like weeds!  So, let me tell you what I have purchased recently (i.e. in the past two months).

1.  Van Halen - "Best of Collection - Vol. 1" - I've never owned a Van Halen CD nor seen their live concerts.  So, I'm just getting into it now.  I also love watching their videos as well as those put together by others using their songs (i.e. live concert footage, etc.) on youtube.com. 

2.  Finger Eleven - "Them vs. You vs. Me".  I first heard about this band from my friend, Larry.  I won't go through the entire story about how he knows the band.  I heard the song, "Paralyzer", and it just grew on me!  I've also seen the video for the song.  This is quite a new purchase, so, I haven't listened to the whole album yet.  In case you are not familiar with the band, they are Canadian (from Burlington, ON).  Hey, "They rock!"

3.  Sunshine State - self titled album.  "Day Job" is the song that drew me in.  I love the lead singer, Aleza's voice.  It's so cute.  I heard about this band when I attended Canadian Music Week back in March of this year.  James Bryan is CEO of Umi Entertainment; he is the guitarist of the Canadian band, "The Philosophers King".  James and his publicist, Andrea, sat at the same table as me when I attended one of the seminars. I got his business card and checked out all the artists he represents and produces for.  He also plays guitar for Sunshine State.  So, this is my little story behind how I came to know about this band.

4.  Justin Lanning - "Behind These Eyes".  The album came out in June and I forgot about it for awhile.  I first became acquainted with Justin's music on myspace.  I was very impressed with his song, "Take My Breath Away", originally just on piano.  But, that song has gained popularity and has been heard on radio stations in the U.S.  I do see greater things in Justin's future!  I love the way he writes and he is also great with his fans!  He is such a sweetie!  It would be amazing to meet him some day.

5.  Liesa Norman - song, "Little Monsters".  Larry saw Liesa Norman perform at a festival and was impressed with her music.  He really liked the song, "Little Monsters".  I listened to it and it just kind of "attached' to me too!  No, it's not to scary having a monster song attach to you.  So, I downloaded it from iTunes.  I love the beauty of downloading individual songs, if you don't want the entire album. 

So, that's all for now!  I'll catch up with all of you again in a month.  Stay in touch!

Katherine (aka KK/Kat)

Musicians/organizations mentioned above:

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Sunshine State (Canadian band) - www.myspace.com/wearesunshinestate
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