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By Katherine Kiang
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10 Dec 2004

Volume 1                                                    By Katherine Kiang                                      December 10, 2004

Welcome to My Newsletter!!!

Hi everyone,

I’ve wanted to start a newsletter for quite some time and just didn’t get around to it.  However, I recently received a couple issues of my friend’s newsletter.  Grace (my friend) is in Hunan, China, teaching English at Hunan Women’s University.  I learned so much from her two-page newsletter.  But, hey, I’m living in Toronto.  What could possibly interest you, my friends, about life in T.O.?  Well, those who live in T.O. might want to know more about the shopping, movies,  restaurants, informative websites, etc.  – okay, so you could go to www.toronto.com.  But, you may want to hear the news from someone who’s actually gone to such and such a place.  In that case, I, and perhaps, my friends, could give you our “version”. 

Those of you who have not been in T.O. in awhile, you might be interested in whatever is going on here; or, you may just find it amusing what I have gotten myself into.  I hope to receive tips on future issues from some of you.

I also wish you all a very happy holiday and may you and your loved ones and friends have a very happy, healthy and blessed New Year!!!!  

Pearls For Me?
Why you shouldn’t have…

How many of you have joined me at the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) to see the Pearls exhibit?  Let’s see how many hands….oh, I think there’s about 6 of you.  I had a one-year membership at the time, so, I myself went to see the exhibit 4 times.  There’s so much to see.  If you took the time to walk through, view the exhibits and short videos, it would probably take about 1-1/2 hour. 

If you visited the ROM yet to see the lovely collection of pearls – which includes artwork and the jewellery (ladies, prepare to be astonished), you can still catch the exhibit until January 9, 2005.

While you are at the ROM, you may want to also see the regular exhibits which could amuse you and your kids for hours on end.  I used to only attend the special exhibits (while I had a membership for several years) and would often skip the regular exhibits.  But, in recent years, friends and I took the time to wander – and, on Friday evenings, it is free to wander through the regular exhibits! 

For more information about the ROM, check out their website at http://www.rom.on.ca/.

P.S.  I am no longer a member, so, this is merely information to get you out there during the holidays, if you are seeking some indoor recreation


Restaurant Corner

Mina (my friend) and I checked out Café Crepe (246 Queen St. W., tel: 416-260-1611) on a Friday night in late November. If you’d like a dessert place to check out just at the corner of Queen St. W. and John St., you may want to try a yummy crepe.  Mina didn’t like the fact that it did not seem to have a lot of booths which would be more comfy, but, the crepes are great – I like mine with vanilla ice cream – bring it on -- Woohoo!!!  If dessert crepes are not your thing, there are other types to try too!  The place was pretty full.  It’s a great place to go after a movie at nearby Paramount Theatre.  Then, if you’re like me, and you’ve got some grand idea about coffee, just pop next door to Starbucks (of course I said Starbucks) and give the seasonal gingerbread latte a try!

I will give you more reports about nice restaurants – trust me, with all my “date zeroes” (aka “blind dates”), I could tell you a lot more than just crepe. 


Well, I don’t know if shopping will actually become an Olympic event.  I just love hearing how my friends find great bargains – whether at Goodwill, at an outlet  mall, or at some garage sales!  As someone who has a list of shopping malls “bookmarked” on Netscape, drove miles and miles to flea markets and outlet malls, and is on the e-mailing list of something called Bestbuys.ca (receiving weekly updates on up to date sales), you might say that I am somewhat interested in Shopping. 

When November 4, 2004 was coming around the corner, I had the opening of Vaughan Mills Shopping Mall marked on my calendar.  V.M. is the newest, single-level, closed-in shopping mall with about 200 stores.  It is 1.2 million square – smaller than Toronto’s Eaton Centre (which is 1.6 million square feet).  Tons of people poured into V.M. on opening day.  Finally, I went there on a weekday, just a couple days ago, thinking that parking and people would just be too much on a weekend especially before Christmas!  Nice mall – several stores may not be found in other T.O. malls.  There is not a lot of “outlet stores” as I had anticipated, and, prices in the chain stores are basically about the same as in any other mall in T.O.  I have asked other friends about their opinions.  For those who have been to several other malls, some of us miss our usual anchor stores like HBC or Sears.  There is a feeling of tons of space, with lots of seating along the 6 “Neighbourhoods” (just to keep in mind if you have  small children or elderly family/friends).  It is conveniently located on the east side of Hwy 400, exit at Rutherford Rd.  You can also go along Jane Street which is at the easterly border of V.M. (if you prefer not to take the highway). 

Next time, maybe I will give you a list of my favourite malls for bargains on my fav. designer clothing, jewellery, etc.