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By Katherine Kiang
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1 Apr 2008

Hey there,

It's been quite a March.  I know that Torontonians were getting really tired of all the snow this winter.  We just wanted spring to come! 

Now that spring has officially arrived, we are more optimistic that those wretched "snow zombies" will soon be history!  Larry made up a new kind of zombie -- "snow zombies" which does not eat people's brains, but rather, it eats people's muscles - especially in the arms, back and even legs.  I even got attacked in my wrists!  Snow zombies are quite devious.  At the beginning of winter, these creatures were quite lovely.  Most people would have said, "Wow!  How beautiful!"  It really was quite picturesque to see the trees, grass, houses, and roads covered with beautiful, pure, white snow.  But then, like bunnies, they multiplied.....and multiplied....and multiplied.  It's as though these snow zombies had a mind of its own and were saying, "We will eat your muscles!  Your shoulders will ache.  And, if you forget to wear sunglasses, we will blind you! Muhahahaha." 

Nasty, nasty zombies!  All I can say is, good riddance!

This season, I have encountered many people who have caught some kind of bug.  I started having symptoms just this morning.  I have been lucky over this past winter, as I was able to nip the terrible bug at the bud by eating honey, 1000 mg SISU Ester-C's and my favourite remedy, a Starbucks' soy tazo chai.  Usually, just one cupy of SB's tazo chai and just one tablet of 1000 mg Vitamin C would do it.  Today, I had a grande SB tazo chai and already three Vitamin C tablets.  It seemed I was feeling sick only at work and at home.  I was feeling fine outside.  Now, I really am feeling better.  Still, I am going to try and get more sleep tonight. 

Althought I don't think I have much to tell you about what's coming up for me in April, there are a couple things I do want to mention.  These are events which have already taken place. 

First of all, I am now officially Timothy's godmother!  Woohoo!  It was quite a weekend!  We attended the baptism rehearsal on Saturday (day before the baptism) and then on Sunday, March 30th, the baptism took place.  Four babies were baptized that morning and I might add, they were very well-behaved babies!  I guess Timothy was excited as we do not usually hear him much, but, his voice echoed in the church a couple times.  He's a very happy baby.  Timothy's mom, Vicky, caught the mean bug right before the weekend so I know it must have been tough to have such a busy weekend.  She sounded better when I spoke to her on Monday and hopefully will continue feeling better.  I am going to find out whether it will be possible to send a couple photos to you.  Stay tuned!

The other thing I wanted to mention is about my friend, Virginia.  She had surgery over a week ago, and then, after she went home, she was not well and is now back in the hospital.  I don't want to get into details, but, I just wanted to say, it was a very terrifying story.  She could not breathe and paramedics could not find a pulse as she was being moved from her house to the ambulance.  If you saw her now, you would think, it's a miracle!  She is doing much better.  I know how powerful the mind is and if it is willing, it can do some amazing things.  So, I know Virginia wanted to live and she wants to get better.  I also believe that in spite of human errors, there must be a merciful God who listens to prayer.  I told Virginia that I prayed for her the morning she was rushed to the hospital.  I do believe God listens to prayer.  There is no request too small (i.e. seemingly unimportant) or too huge for God to take care of.  Jehovah Ropheh, the God who heals, is at work!

I also hope my friend, Esther, will get better soon and I will be praying for her too.

Spring is a time for new life.  I have already seen examples of spring, not in the growth or awakening of grass, flowers or trees, and animals coming out of hibernation, but, rather in a baptism, resuscitation of a human life, and in the physical healing of friends and in myself.  I am reminded to never take my salvation in Jesus Christ for granted (spiritual life) and never to take my life for granted (physical life).

So, God bless all of you and I hope He will give you strength and healing each and every day.

Have a great April and I look forward to sharing with you another episode of KaTsZoNe in May!


Katherine (Kat/KK)

Email: katherine@katszone.com

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