July 31, 2011 @ 11:21 AM

Continuing with the theme of "Enlightenment" from my August episode of KaTsZoNe newsletter, here's another topic of Enlightenment for many teenagers -- especially the girls -- Justin Bieber!

On July 30th, my mom and I were walking past a Shoppers Drug Mart and saw a sign of Justin Bieber outside.  I told mom that he came out with a perfume, so, maybe we can go and see if Shoppers carries it.  We met a saleslady in the cosmetics section who pointed it out and sprayed a sample for me.  It's called "Someday" -- a light floral (probably roses) scent.  I noticed 3 young girls come by and they saw a life-size board in the image of Justin Bieber and asked the saleslady to take a photo of them with Bieber.  I thought that was too cute, so, I asked the saleslady if she could also take a picture of me with Bieber.  I asked my mom, but, she was not going for it!  LOL.  The lady said, they get so many people going in, asking for their pics to be taken with a very good likeness of the teen heartthrob.

I posted my photo with Bieber on Facebook.  Soon, I got comments as follows.  My friend Jane said, if I had taken the Justin Bieber board, it would cost $35 to replace it.  Really, is that all, I replied.  And, I asked, how do you know this, Jane -- knowing that Jane has a teenage daughter.  Hmmm...well, she said, when she was at a store, they told her that someone stole their Bieber life-size figure and it cost $35 to replace it.  I told Jane that I'm not sure it would fit in my little car anyway.

Another friend (who lives in Taiwan) said his daughters would love to get their hands on that Bieber figure.  I told him, I'll keep that in mind.  If I could get it, I'll let him figure out how to get it back to Taiwan.  His daughters are fans, who recently went to a Bieber concert in Taiwan. 

I got a text from another friend who said, that figure looked so real.  She said, she didn't know I was a Justin Bieber fan.  I don't consider myself to be a fan.  I just posed for fun.  Well, I do have "Baby" as my ringtone and named a bear "Beeber" bear -- but, that doesn't mean anything.

If you enjoy a cute guy, a charismatic performer who can sing and dance and has no problems getting up close and personal with his fans -- you may be very enlightened by such an experience.  For others, just posing beside the likeness of such a celebrity may be just as good.  Look at all the attention I've received already!  Thanks Biebs!