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By Katherine Kiang
Favourite Websites
(Updated: October, 2009)

I have many favourite websites but I'm sure not all of them would interest you.  I have listed a few of my favourites.  Let me know if you think you have discovered something new from these sites.  I think you will also get to know more about my interests through these websites.

To check out the website, just click on the name.

Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO) Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO)

I am a former member of the AGO, and occasionally, I still enjoy seeing special exhibits which are in T.O. for a limited time, as well as the permanent art exhibits.  I hope you will take advantage to see something new, something old, and learn tons of stuff!  The AGO is undergoing major renovations and will re-open soon.


Metro Toronto Convention Centre (MTCC)

The MTCC is another one of my favourite places to attend educational, fun events.  Recently, I was there for the Whole Life Expo.  I will likely be back there again for the Prospectors & Developers Association of Canada exhibits and seminars (March 5 - 8, 2006).  Check the MTCC calendar from time to time and you may find something you never thought existed. 

Direct Energy Centre

From craft shows to home shows to fairs and other exhibitions, this year-round facility holds events which could appeal to just about everyone.  It is located in downtown T.O. at the exhibition place.  Check out the Shows & Events calendar - you will likely find something that interests you, your family and friends.

The Royal Ontario Museum (ROM)

I am a former member of the ROM and have enjoyed many special exhibits in the past.  The ROM has undergone major changes, including the addition of the Michael Lee Chin Crystal at the entrance.  One fun discovery is a Bat Cave -- yes, there is a Bat Cave at the ROM (part of the Natural History Galleries) -- so, has it been that long since you were last there?  Perhaps, it's time for you, now, to bring your kids.  You could spend thousands of years at the ROM!


Get all the updates on entertainment and festivals in Toronto.  Categories are broken up into the following:  Festivals, Concerts, Theatre, Jazz, Symphony, Opera, Art/design, and more.

Snopes (Urban Legends)

Lots of "stories" circulate on the internet.  These stories appear to be true, but, in fact, they may be urban legends.  This is a useful and interesting site to check up on these circulating stories, so, hopefully, we can be better informed before we circulate it to our friends.

Wikipedia - free online encyclopedia

I may as well simply say, I love this site!  Various authors contribute to many current topics.  Anyone can contribute - even you!  However, I think it is more difficult to verify specific facts - well, isn't that the same with newspapers/magazines?  I believe so.  I just love Wikipedia for general source of information.  It is a great place to start -- whatever information you may be searching for.  Enjoy!